Please - this discussion forum is for Family Members


We’ve had a lot of people from the diagnosed forum posting in this forum - almost 60% of the posts here have been by diagnosed members if my count is right. While the occasional post here by non-family members/caregivers here is fine, please try to keep it at a maximum of once per week if your primary forum is a different forum.

This forum is primarily for the family, friends, husbands, wives, siblings, children and caretakers of people who have schizophrenia.



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What if you are a schizophrenic with a relative who is schizophrenic though?

Is it okay to post in the family section in that case?

Im sorry.

There is a discrimination in this case, we do have families and have people who have schizophrenia in our families, and we want to post and get responds as well. I’m just expressing what I’m thinking, don’t get offended.

I think it may be a little hard to draw a line between family and diagnosed. If someone is diagnosed and has a family related question or concern I see no harm in them posting in the family section. I know I post a lot in the diagnosed and other sections. Actually it is something that I appreciate about this forum over the old one. I don’t feel like we are separate.

Thank you for articulating that. I look to the Family section a lot when I’m trying to figure out how to cope with a family issue. I see myself as a very involved caregiver to a family member. I do like it when I see care givers on the diagnosed section asking questions, giving their view point and injecting a new idea into the mix.

I felt like this forum didn’t have that “stick to your high school lunch table” feel. We’re all in this together. I love learning from caregivers. I love it when caregivers take something away from our perspective.

Thank you for letting me add my humble opinion.

I have to stand by @SurprisedJ . I am a SZ who has a SZ family member and also benefits a lot from the input caregivers give. Also I am positive of the fact that caregivers can understandably benefit from people who have firsthand experience with SZ to understand maybe and better relate to their own family members, so discriminating and cutting out the two sides like that will just empovesrish our experience with this - otherwise awesome - forum.

I see however how topics like "how to deal with my non SZ family " should be in the diagnosed cathegory if you are diagnosed. - I didn’t realize that before your post, so thanks for teh clarification.

I appreciate that occasionally its helpful to have participation from other members of the forum community here - all I’m asking is that “most” of the messages here be from family members (brothers, sisters, husbands, wives, parents, caregivers, etc.).

When I started this new forum most of the messages were from diagnosed forum members - and that basically defeats the purpose of the different forums. If people want just one big forum - thats fine, and let me know, but we’ve been operating for the past decade with different forums for different groups and people tell me that they appreciate that.


Im only trying to help but do you not think that schizophrenics would be best placed to give advice on matters like this. In th eold forum I always used to post in the family members section. You do know that family members post in the Diagnosed Discussion Forum and we have no problem with that but we actually appreciate it. Our input in the family section is only their to help others afflicted.

People in the family section are looking for help. Please reconsider as I think many family members would be at a loss if they don’t get input from us as we appreciate input from them in the Diagnosed Forum.

I find that when I open the forum, I have a list of a mix of categories. It takes me a minute to narrow it down to the Family category. Perhaps some of the people with diagnoses are not seeing the category, just like I wasn’t, at first.

Yes - I know that is a problem and I’ll fix it.

Although now that we have the links from the home page (go to and you’ll see the direct links to all the different “forums”.) But I also need to fix the issue you mentioned if you go to the shortcut address.