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When is your relatives birthday?

It’s my sons today , he’s 26 today, he’s had a nice Christmas with my family , wants a Chinese take away tonight for birthday treat! Food is his thing lol.

Just got me wondering about when our family members were born. Couple of others I know who were in hospital with him were also born around this time. ?


Mid December. A particularly cold winter that year, I remember so much ice and snow.

My son also is big on food! Enjoys many different kinds of ethnic cooking.


Yes a cold one in the uk too, I had not long moved to this area and it was freezing that year.

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Happy Birthday to your son!

My son’s birthday is late winter.

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January is the birthday of loved one w sz.

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Thanks he enjoyed his food as always lol.

My son was born in May, a perfect at home birth attended by doctor and mid wives. It is great your son wanted to be with family members for Holidays, mine would not attend this year.

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My older son always says, its big when people can enjoy something. He has several friends who struggle with depression.

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Ahh am sorry Irene , I know how it feels we had a couple of chrismas’ like this.
Funny as son got s new phone at chrismas , he spent the holidays with us and my parents and my brother and family but he won’t pass on his number to them. Still there is progress though.

Yes it’s good, my son doesn’t enjoy much , food though!!! That’s a different matter.

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My daughter was on the last day of February, a week before her due date. We’d had a major blizzard and a lot of ice that year. I remember always being really careful not to fall and having to shuffle my feet a lot. I lived in Indiana at the time.


I slipped on ice and fell 5 days before my due date and threw my back out. The doctor said, the baby is full term, and you can’t go into labor like that; I took muscle relaxants for a few days and rested. My son was born 5 days later, exactly on his due date.


Hi Vallpen, My son was born on his due date too, The only one out of the four kids I have.

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When I was in college, we discussed the time of year associated with births and schizophrenia. There are studies on it! I should look them up again…at the time my son wasn’t dx yet. I was just paying attention for the exam, and because my mom and brother were dx with scz. My son was already born though…

and he was born in January. Labor was induced as I lived far out in a rural area, and the storms were terrible. They were concerned I would have to be helicopter flown in if they didn’t induce. (I was thinking about the bill, they were thinking about flying in a snow storm!! Hmmm, selfish much?)

I also tested positive for “strep” with some letter attached. I needed antibiotic on board with both deliveries for my sons.

Also: our sons are exactly 1 year, and several hours apart in birth. There is a theory that tandem births of boys somehow correlates to scz. For us, it is clearly genetic…but timing of pregnancy/birth, infection, troubled delivery and close birth order contribute as well.

I was told I would never conceive. After first boy was born, we were still “talking about” birth control. Nope, second pregnancy was announced at follow up exam for first son.

When I found out I was pregnant with first son, I had just had cancerous polyps removed from my colon. I’m high risk for cancer in that region, as my Dad had colon cancer. I’ve had several polyps removed that were cancerous, several times over the years. (4 colonoscopies already, overdue for the 5th). I also have (unrelated in theory) severe IBS.

It was a bad birth for our son who is dx. Cord was wrapped around his throat several times. He was baby blue, and badly bruised. He whimpered non stop for the first 24 hours, which caused a ped Dr to be called in to observe. He could stay with us, but he whimpered so much, it was disconcerting.

I had my tubes tied. TWO babies… one year and a few hours apart? I was in my 30’s and knew I was no longer “infertile”. We laughed at the time of course. Incidentally, we had a farm during the time of our second sons conception and birth. That year every single creature reproduced by the dozens. Chickens, pigs, goats, peacocks, ducks, coyotes…they all reproduced. Us included it seems. Our neighbors reported the same with their livestock. The state livestock boards reported the same increase.

Dr was the same for both births. He said we should market the well water we drank.

My/our story.


My son’s birth also involved some potential trauma involving the cord, and he did not deliver easily, as he seemed to be ‘hung up’ getting past my hip bones.


My son breathed while still in the birth canal. His body went into distress and he passed his meconium (tar like first poop) he inhaled the meconium into his lungs and turned a deep blueberry blue minutes after being born. He spent a few days at an infant intensive care unit.


Tomorrow! He came with a huge storm. We were living near the ocean in CA. He was 3 days late and full labor was 5 hours. No complications. I held him for a week straight while his father made the meals.


I’ve never seen any studies about birth date correlation and MI. My son was born mid December, in a windstorm.

I think the data is in “Surviving Schizophrenia” by E Fuller Torrey

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My dad just had a bday last week. He went to his favorite Chinese Buffet haha. It’s one of the few places he wants to go besides home.