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Birthday same as Christmas day

Hi everyone.
Today us my 47th birthday and the first ever without my children and family. My partner has paranoid schizophrenia and has now made it the same as Christmas day where he is having severe voices and making him very agitated towards me. I said to him yes I’m upset but none of my kids have come to see me but I’m ok with that as I’m nearly 500miles from them. He sees it as they have had 6months to prepare for this but haven’t bothered. (Theres a lot of things stopping them) I understand he is upset about it but I’ve said to him as long as I have you it’s a good day. He isn’t being very nice too me. He is ignoring me and making me feel so alone. He wants me to be upset with him when I just want a happy birthday.
He wont talk or even look at me, I had to go out alone and I’ve come back and it’s still the same.
I love his so much and left the whole family and friends to be with him. Now I’m wondering if I am what he really wants now. I’m trying not to take it to personally.

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Hugs and Happy Birthday!

Our loved ones can build up these special days to a point where it is miserable to have one! Your response to him is so sweet, I sense that behind that agitation is someone who cares deeply for you.

Deep breaths, and decide that on some other, better, day, you will celebrate what it means to be alive for another year.


Happy Birthday!
Treat yourself to something: go get some ice cream or candy!
Our loved ones w sz can behave horribly sometimes. Try not to let it bring you down. This, too, shall pass.


one day at a time …HAPPY BIRTHDAY ; )

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Happy Birthday! It’s good you went out on your own for a bit if home is rough.

Kids don’t always travel to see parents, that isn’t unusual. I was one of those kids when I was young, and didn’t see my parents much after I moved out of the house. Now, my two youngest children, boys in their 20’s live only a few minutes away and don’t come see me much. I understand.

It sounds like your partner is having a rough time, I’m sorry. I think it’s good you went out on your own. When I had birthdays that didn’t go the way I wanted them to I went out for carrot cake (my favorite) and some Martinelli’s Sparkling Apple Cider (non-alcoholic bubbly). I had many alone times with those two favorites on my birthdays, and they always made me smile. Celebrate yourself, be kind to yourself.


Happy birthday :tada::confetti_ball::birthday:try to do something for yourself you deserve it :heart:

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