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Where to go from here?

My son was just released from the hospital on Thursday. He had been in for 2 weeks and hasn’t come out any better. He is less agitated and less demanding, yes. He is off Vraylar which wasn’t helping and reduced Haldol so I am glad to have some things lessened or stopped that were not serving him well and I suspected the Vraylar was activating for him.

The Dr from the beginning seemed at a loss as to what to try as he has tried so many things and seemed a bit frustrated. He said “Well, you are going to have to decide what you want to do”. I said that I’d like to start by taking away what we know is not helping and take it from there. He also seemed to focus on his developmental disability and behaviors being attributed to that and not hearing me when I tell him otherwise.

At our visits he would talk to himself, pace alot, laugh, and run. Too distracted to visit really but said he liked our presence. The first few days he would beg us to call the police on the Sacred Order and go on about his delusions and then it just stopped and he was quiet about it but still obviously disturbed. They said he didn’t sleep much and he didn’t eat but drank alot of milk and ate what we brought. Thorazine 25mg as needed for agitation and Klonopin twice a day was added. The Dr wasn’t planning to do anything else and said he was stable, he was getting depressed and his hold was up so he came home.

On the way home he started in about the Sacred Order and did we get around to calling the police. Once at home he was doing his usual pacing and laughing in his own world and then all of a sudden we hear him on the phone talking to the police, they came and listened to him. that seemed to appease him for now. All day he repeats the phrase “I have spoken” and gives orders in a hush tone. Says so and so is powered up like he’s in a YU GI OH game. He grabbed my arm to inspect for marks of the beast and also inspected my forehead.

His treatment team seems to be focusing on long term planning which we have come up with nothing so far. We need conservatorship but not sure how to go about it. I inquired about it at hosp and they said that doesn’t happen at their level of care. Also, he is not refusing treatment. He’s fully compliant yet treatment resistant. He was denied regional services and we want to reapply. Having conservatorship would help us to make treatment decisions, possible housing decisions and re apply for Regional. Limited Conservatorship requires person to be a Regional client and General conservatorship the person can’t have a mental illness as far as I know. The other thing is he is on our insurance and has medi- Cal. Most services for housing and such require a county referral. He doesn’t see anyone from county because they are payor of last resort so his mental health is through Kaiser. He’s on SSI and medi Cal automatically came along with that. We are considering taking him off our plan to see if anything better as far as services for him will be available through county. It’s a maze for sure and many services or helping agencies exclude Mental illness or Autism and he has both.

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