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Which is the best state for mental illness?

North Carolina has a horrible system for severe mental illness. My daughter receives good outpatient care, but she needs so much more. She needs long term help for her schizophrenia and drug abuse. I have spent months trying to find treatment on the internet and calling many different places. Today I called the a place mentioned to me by her outpatient care. It cost $30,000 for 4 - 6 weeks and then $4,000 a month for 1 - 2 years. That was one of the cheaper ones. It was in Georgia. They recommended me to call a place in Fla. which turned out to be 3 - 7 days which is about the same in NC. They recommended me to call SAMHSA who told me they couldn’t help me and to call Eastpoint Services in NC. I called them again for help and Eastpoint said I had to get in touch with her ACT team in Goldsboro.


NAMI has done an analysis of the quality of mental health treatment in each of the states and graded them - I think you can find them here - but this is just regular out-patient treatment options I think. For inpatient long term care - its much much harder to get information and the options are very expensive - I wish I could be of more help:,-Bad-News-in-State

I think this might be the full report (in PDF format):

Go where there is financial support for mental illness treatment:

We need to find out where there are good, helpful laws, lots of state hospital beds, and effective community treatment centers (I don’t know which states these would be.). Also places with the Medicaid expansion if that is still available next year.

New Jersey (8) is better than Florida (49) in actual financial commitment to programs.

New York (5) has good support and I have read that its laws are some of the best.

The NAMI report is kind of misleading. For example, while Idaho has increased spending on mental health services for the three years of the survey, it is still last (#51) in spending per capita on mental health programs. So, it’s really the worst even though for some reason, probably a federal mandate with federal funding, it has increased spending during the time of NAMI’s study.


Thank you. I’ve been to those sites before and they are a little hard to decipher. I don’t think there is any help for my daughter because she refuses to get help for her drug addiction. But thank you!

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Dual diagnosis care is even more difficult and expensive to find…

Best to you.