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N.C. mental health - How Is It?

I have a nephew that is 18 and had autism spectrum disorder with bouts of psychosis, dislusional thinking, and paranoid. We live in Florida and are having a hard time getting help. I was thinking of moving to North Carolina. Does anyone have any thoughts on this?

NAMI has a state ratings for how good their mental health systems are - check it out:,-Bad-News-in-State

and the full 2009 report (PDF download) is here I think:

More ratings:

I live in the Triangle. FL has baker act and other crisis option’s even when not threatening suicide, NC is more difficult there has to be agreement to go or admission of suicide. NAM I groups are abundent. Large universities so studies might be available. Step Prorgan at UNC and Oasis for first time psychosis. However these only work if they have insight and accept they need help.