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Which med works best for me ? - a DNA test to determine the answer


I had a DNA test froma company named Alpha Genomix to determine which Anti Psychotic my body ‘metabolized’ the best. This means to my pdoc that she will know which medication my body uses the best, for dosing and hopefully fewest adverse side effects.

it’s so long, this is page 4 of 19 pages, because all types of drugs are covered, anti depressents, anti coagulants even NSAIDs are on the next page.

I’ve tried many of those APs trial and error and have to say the side effects on the don’t use list were true to the report. I had adverse effects. Feel free to ask any questions that you wish, this is done by the psychiatrist, took about a week for results. Scraped my cheek and mailed it to the company is all.

Has anyone completed DNA testing to identify best medicine for SZ for your loved one?

That’s very interesting. Is it something your pdoc ordered?


Yes, I see a nurse practitioner as an outpatient.


More information on this test and the company behind it (there are others too - search on google for “genetic testing antipsychotic”

Genetic testing allows precision prescribing

Personalized medicine is moving from the realm of the futuristic to the almost commonplace. A DNA cheek swab now allows scientists to determine how genetic differences cause people to have different responses to the same drug.

And that information allows physicians to choose the best medication and adjust its dosage according to each individual patient’s genetic profile.

The official name is pharmacogenetics, a term that doesn’t exactly roll off the tongue. But you might want to practice.

“This is where we’re headed. From a patient effectiveness standpoint, it’s the next major breakthrough in medicine. The science is there, but the application is very provider-dependent,” said Jeremy Hoff, a pain management specialist with Hampton Roads Orthopaedics & Sports Medicine in Newport News.

and here:


Reposting the DNA test for the ECT question from @teejay


Do you mind saying how much it cost & whether your insurance covered it?

Even if it’s expensive, it sounds like it would save money in the long run by preventing wasted meds, hospital stays, etc.


My insurance covered the test. And yes my feelings exactly, save time and money by doing this test and knowing the list of recommended versus not recommended meds.


I’m going to read up on it & ask my son’s doctor on the next appt - maybe call my insurance company first.

Thanks for sharing - I never knew about a test like that.


Oh this is great news to share! Thank you so much! I will share with my dad’s Dr


I received the bill, I have Medicare and a supplement policy, the DNA test appears to cost me $499 out of pocket. I do not have Medicaid. The full amount of the charges to insurance was. $4700.

Update: I seem to have a billing problem, I have a Medicare replacement not supplement. I’ve been on the phone half the day I hope it’s resolved as this should be covered under Medicare.


Slw, last year my sons had the test through Genesight. It tells you which medicines are best for them. Zyprexa was cautioned because he smokes heavily and it keeps it from working as well. The only med in the red zone was Clozarol. The cost was $350.


I haven’t called the mental health side of our insurance, but I did speak to physical health.

They said that someone would have to prove that it was medically necessary, which I don’t think will be a problem, then it’s covered at 85%.

That’s interesting to know about Zyprexa. It was working better in the hospital when he couldn’t smoke, and now is barely working at all - because he’s smoking like a chimney.


That sounds outrageous to me, doesn’t it to you?


It does sound outrageous, I have the itemized bill for the $4700.

But then a 30 day supply of Vraylar retails for $600! These meds are outrageous.