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Has anyone completed DNA testing to identify best medicine for SZ for your loved one?


Does anyone have any research that backs this up or have you done it for your loved one? If yes, who did you use and what were your lessons learned? Thank you for listening :slight_smile:


No, I didn’t know that was possible; however with an MRI I heard that it is and you can even determine dosages. I have, however, been genetically tested and it’s really easy, but the tests can take months for results and even years of waiting for new ones to come up. Next year there’s this test coming up that will be available to certain patients, it costs $10,000 - $12,000, but it gives the complete sequence to your DNA with all the encoding. It’s called X-xom or Exome or something like that, my geneticist told me about it last November.


@NiceHat had a post about completing DNA testing… It was at the end of August, “Which meds work best for me…”

I don’t know how to link the topic or I would

I’m looking into this now too.


Yes - its legit and covered by many people’s insurance. Details here:


Yes, about 2-3 years ago my daughter was tested for so called DNA testing on what is the best medications for her. Her mental health care provided the testing from a company I no longer remember the name of. I do remember it was extremely expensive and the request had to go through several channels for approval. IMHO - it was a total waste of money and gave us a lot of false hope. I don’t know how solid the research is to back up the claims. So much in mental health is a hit and miss. The DNA testing was a total miss.


Yes, I had the DNA test and I’m glad I did, I found an AP and a dosage with few side effects.


It was suggested about a year ago for my son. His doctor said he wasn’t familiar with it. I tried it anyway. It was informative but only one medicine was red flagged. Clozaril
The others were all on the green list except Zyprexa and that was in the yellow because he smoked tobacco. It might help but it wasn’t earth shattering. Hope is hope.
Genesight was the name and it was somewhere around $350.


Doctor - I enjoy reading your helpful and thoughtful responses – thank you for this one too — how cool that you have a geneticist that you’re working with. How did you find that resource under your medical insurance provider?


Thank you and no problem! She works in the same hospital as my neurologist and is on the same floor. I actually ran into her two days ago and since I’m moving and my next appointment with her was in July 2017, she told me to come in on Monday and gave me an appointment herself! :slight_smile: