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Has anyone heard of genesight DNA testing?

A friend of mine son suffers from mental illness and has not done well on any meds thus far. She told me about a website which swabs their cheek and takes a sample of their DNA then tests it and it determines the meds that work best for that person. It has really made a difference for him and she couldn’t be happy. It also told her the meds he was on before the test were the ones least likely to work for him. Most insurances will pay for the test but if not the cost is around $200. The web site is, has anyone else heard or tried this?

I think @Mom2 here has tried it.

I asked the founding member of the support group I go to about it since she stays in touch with the professors & researchers at our city’s teaching hospital - they say the technology just isn’t there yet.

So, the jury is out on how good the information is, but for $200 it wouldn’t hurt to know what they say.

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Thank u very much for the info on genesight.

We are hoping to get my son’s DNA to 23andme. That’s about $125.00 I believe. The nurse practiioner suggested this, then she suggested the DNA results can go through Geneticgeni. They claim to be free. But I have’nt pursued it yet.
I think its a very good idea though. My son refuses meds, but has executive functioning issues and some NLD.
I have been told the testing would really help us make sure he is able to metholate the special diet vitamins he is on. This is really important technology that can and does change peoples lives for the better.