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My sick wife update

Hi folks,I’ve been on here a year now and things are worst then ever. This winter my wife attacked me with a broken water glass and I had to get the police who eventually took her to the hospital but we live in NH so she got no care,then she told me she paid the rent but emptied the bank account and took off for D.C. I never knew anything til the eviction,notice and now we’re both homeless . I’m living in,my truck and she’s living in her car and sees nothing wrong with it. Then,my,in-laws who have done nothing all these years are giving,me crap,its so hard to keep on going everyday there’s no help and no,place I haven’t tried for help.

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She won’t go. Ya I’m incredibly torn because she is my wife for better or for the obvious worse. Ya I’m 56 and spent my whole life supporting and caring for my family and all I’m left with is nothing but pain and problems. I actually find it humorous with the people crying over their houses and belongings being destroyed in these storms,it seems so trivial compared to my hell(and I’ve lost everything too)

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Sometimes we have to take care of ourselves so we can help them. Maybe you could try to get yourself in a better position, then reach to help her?

I thought the same thing these past weeks - how nice it would be to have problems that have easier solutions than mental illness.


Yes,thank you…

I’m sorry to hear about your challenges with your wife. When she is ill, she is incapable of taking care of business, especially financial affairs that affect the quality of your life. Please find a way to release her from this responsibility. Safety is also very important. You need help, please contact NAMI for assistance. Praying for safety and your wife mental health.


Ya I’ve taken control of my pay but NAMI is mostly for parents and siblings of the mentally ill. They had no help for me unfortunately. Thank you

I’m sorry to hear that. When I attended the Family to Family 12-week support group, there were significant others in our group, along with parents and siblings.

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I could have attended some of the classes but they wouldn’t let me because I couldn’t make them all. I of course was po’d.
Thank you

They know twelve weeks is a long commitment, I hate to hear that because you need the support and education. I am now reading the book, “I am not sick. I don’t need help.” got it from Amazon. Very insightful and usable information to use with your love one.