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Worst attack ever - Update! Things are looking good now!


Ugh! Glad you are ok. My brother-in law recently hit a deer, too. Messed up his car, but he was ok.

It’s traumatic to leave a loved one at the hospital. BTW: transferring a patient to another hospital happens a lot.

Give her time to settle in, and get some rest (you, too!). And definitely visit her.

Good luck!


My work has a benefit they call Employee Assistance Program which includes short term counseling services which I am thinking of taking advantage of for myself.


Also, the facility where my daughter is at is one of the places we were trying to get outpatient services for her…


That’s great because now you’re “connected” with them. Hopefully, this will get you easier access to a good psychiatrist for out-patient medication management.


@Windyhill63 Glad to see your daughter is getting some help. Good idea for you as well. Sorry about the car - yikes! When my son was discharged from the hospital he had at least four bags of stuff we had to transport to the transition house. His social worker helped him take that as the transition house was across the street. Can you bring her slippers and a cozy blanket?


She had a blanket but they said she couldn’t have that because it is quilted. We are going to get her some fuzzy slippers.

I just back from visiting her during my lunch break… my work is about 10 minutes from the hospital. She is doing a lot better today… she said everyone is so nice there… she went to the anxiety group and saw the therapist this morning. she has yet to meet the psychiatrist. She might be able to see her regular therapist once she is released.


Excellent! Those groups helped my son as well, even though he only attended on the outskirts but being around other people who were encouraging (2 patients in particular) seemed to help him. Glad she is doing better! And now she’ll get to see a psychiatrist.


She also likes her roommate a lot, who has been an encouragement to my daughter.


My daughter has a very caring soul… in our visit at the hospital last night she was telling how she has been an encouragement to others… my wife is concerned that she might be spending so much time caring for others that she might not really be taking care of herself… this was the case with my wife’s aunt who is bipolar ocd.


I’m this process of getting my daughter in the hospital, I found out from my brother for the first time that he had been in the psych ward of a hospital… he didn’t say for what, though. It could have been depression and substance abuse. I knew of my wife’s aunt who is bipolar ocd.
This obviously is a closer part of family history of MI.


Just back from a noon visit… we talked to the therapist and he said she is adjusting quite well and making a lot of friends. My daughter has been assigned a psychiatric nurse practitioner. She didn’t think she had met the np yet, but the therapist thought she had yesterday afternoon. My daughter saw a lot of people and she isn’t always aware who is who. She started on some meds, but she didn’t remember what they were… she said, something beginning with an h and something else stating with a c. She said that the voices get quieter when she takes the medicine… things are looking good! (Happy tears!)

She has been working on a diagnostic questionnaire about her specific symptoms - over 300 questions.

She was also excited that she had art therapy and was excited to show us her drawings.

When we come back this evening we will talk to a nurse to get more specific details.

I am so glad we took this step!


@Windyhill63 Excellent update! Maybe she’ll go in to art therapy. All very positive.


I think she is taking haldol and something beginning with a c to help with potential side effects. She is responding well to the medications and they are increasing the dosage slightly to see what the final dosage will be


Such good news! I’m glad the medicine is helping! That bodes well for her recovery.


She is doing quite well, so much that they are considering a possible release soon… I am not sure if it would be by the end of week or it could go into next week… but once she is released they will assign a regular psychiatrist from the outpatient center across the street from the hospital.


I just figured out the other medication she is taking with haldol… it is cogentin.


My son takes that for stiffness from the invega.


we are worried about her


Hope everything is working out. The hospital is the safest place I think because there are people there 24/7 and that’s their job.