Writing on the Walls


Karma. Did you draw that? It’s beautiful!


No…our now 14 year old son did…two years ago, while in crisis for a suicide attempt and ideolgies. It’s a bit larger than a 50c piece. The details only really show up when you scan and enlarge. He still does this, teeeny, tiny drawings with tremendous detail. He almost threw this one away, it wasn’t “right”.

This one calls to me.
The reflection…



Hope, I’m sorry. Yes, it does. Forget the patches on this one. It is time to resheet. Please tell me this is the worst area and he hasn’t done this throughout the rooms?
Our son actually went from one to the other hitting hallways up the stairs and then started for the windows.


heheh, maybe we should all post pics! You can see I was in the process of a repair from previous damage.

I hate repairing plaster walls!


What timing! I noticed a lot of holes turning up in the walls of my brother’s room at board-and-care. I know for sure that at least one wasn’t his fault because it was there after I brought him back from another weekend visit. I assume the others weren’t him either only because the staff always sees me and they didn’t say a thing other than he seems happier lately because of the visits. I was concerned about the holes because it doesn’t seem like it’d be much of a stretch to turn from punching walls to punching other people. :confused: I still have a lot to learn about typical behavior!


I really like the art, squid! Has your son shown any interest in art classes? He has talent!


Things can get messy, my son is good about cleaning out trash when a good day shows up. Usually that’s the first sign of a good day. He will have filled an outside can with trash.


One of my friends from childhood was nearly choked to death by her daughter. The family dog saved her. I don’t know if males are more violent, there are so many more males with scz.


So wish I could say that - there are a couple of ceilings that could probably just be patched…He did leave the windows and doors alone. Cabinets have doors broken in half, hammer holes,

I’m going to call the family that built the place for me. I think they will need to remove more sheetrock before anything else so the electrician can repair the damage to the wiring. I am putting off calling them so far, they were so proud of the apartment they had built.

I think very few of these were punches. They look like the work of tools, some of them were definitely angry tools. The doctor said he was looking for monitoring devices, while some of that appears to be true around the switches and outlets, he didn’t mention the angry parts to the doctor.


He’s just now coming out of a zombie like phase, and yes, the art helps. Eventually, I hope he could attend classes…we’ll see.

For now, (baby steps, I try to remind myself) I asked him to look up different techniques through YouTube and apply them. (He loves YouTube, and will spends hours running through the little videos. He will look up subjects…like the Russian Revolution, etc. that he finds some interest in. He mostly searches for ways to reprogram his games…and does it…not one game remains in its original specifications.)

I ask that he draw for at least an hour a day, write for another hour. That’s it…He ends up drawing much longer, and says it helps with the evenings. Something beyond reprograming games.

Of course hygiene is another challenge that is also added into his daily responsibilities.

This has taken months…

He takes the garbage out, and brings the groceries in now too.

For us, these are big.


That’s a good point, hope! The bedroom door was destroyed and the holes in the walls were around the light switches so maybe that’s what it was - someone looking for monitoring devices.


One of my friends says her son takes apart anything electrical if they leave him alone in their house.

It did worry me a little when my son asked his brother recently “do you think I have implants in my head?” Brother said he asked in the middle of a discussion, just like it was a normal thing to ask.

Hopefully he won’t start trying to find implants in his head. Scary thought.


I was actually just wondering the other day if it’s difficult to get loved ones suffering from this illness dental treatment? I imagine they might feel paranoid about fillings and tiny tools in their mouth. :worried:


We sedated heavily for the initial shock of:

NINE cavities and 4 root canals.

Later, with age and medication we can use the nitrous gas (can’t remember what it’s called) for:

THREE more cavities.

Wow…wow, that’s all I could say.


After the first dental work, he thanked me for making his headaches go away.


He did say a goblin was eating chunks out of his arm…
but no, never, ever mentioned a headache.


P.S. Becomes manic and uber silly, talkative with the gas.

Office has to be prepared…
he is very hard to physically move on the gas.


Mine hasn’t been for a while. I have told her his situation in the event he decides to go. I bought him one of those electric tootbrushes and cordless waterpicks to help with his home care.


Oh my goodness. I needed One root canal last year and I could barely sleep with the pain in my jaw. I can’t even begin to imagine the pain of needing four root canals AND having several cavities!!


I know!!!

It’s strange…he’s pain tolerant…does not complain at all.

BUT, the pain he says he has in his joints is preventing him from doing much. His hair hurts too. Also, his skin.

But, real injuries… the ones we CAN see? Nothing. No complaints at all.


Oh @hope, not trying to scare you, but a friend of ours did have a family member who tried to cut a device out of the body and this action was what finally got the person into long-term treatment with state oversight.


Hi Hereandhere, Yes, I know, its a sad possibility in Jeb’s future - especially when I look at all the digging he has done in the walls around outlets and switches. He even dug into the tile backsplash in the kitchen. I try to not think about it.

I wonder if he began to think a monitoring device could be inside him when he couldn’t find any such devices in the walls and fixtures. I don’t text him unless he texts me first. Really don’t want to trigger him from here. I know he connects my texts with “proof” I am monitoring him. If he is awake and a text comes in from me, he assumes that somehow I knew he was awake.

Jeb is still working the steps on his go to work plan. His dad and I are trying to take comfort in the fact that his new place is in a big city with real mental health services.