Writing on the Walls


I really do think you can take comfort in that.


Smart dog ! I geuss both can be violent.


Their story has had a happy new normal “ending” as a result. They live in a state which is more progressive. After the attempt on her mom, a judge offered her a choice of cooperating and taking meds or going to prison. The daughter chose prison. Every couple of months the judge brought her back into court and offered the same choice. I think it was nearly a year before the daughter chose cooperating and taking meds.

The daughter has her own apartment and community med support. There have been some rough patches and probably will be more, but its much better than it was.


I think that judge probably helped her. The fact that she chose prison over meds just reveals the level of stubborness that’s often there, that she felt guilty, and that maybe she had Anosognomia.
The department of justice, penitentiary probably fell short in a lot of ways if she was so ill.
I’m dealing with a tough situation right now. My sibling ran outside after I told her I was depressed about our situation and that I didn’t want to live with her any more. She was talking to herself, really distressed, and I don’t know where she is right now.
I had cleaned up her entire room, threw out the gross wadded tissues, the hoarded things, emptied water bottles that were hoarded, ( ten bags of trash total), put all the dirty laundry ( 4 heavy bags ) in my car where she wouldn’t drag it back to her room, emptied four backbacks of hoarded things, and tried to organize things.
She was furious and actually told me never to go in her room, " how dare I speak to her like that " - I had told her a clean room, doing laundry, and taking meds was a requirement of living with me. " Where’s my sketchbook !!! They stole it !!! " For the record, I would never throw that out. And she has many sketchbooks littered all over.
She appears to swallow her meds but then again I’m wondering if she hides them in her cheek and spits them out.
The involuntary shot seems the only way to go right now. I have to get approval by a judge. They often will only go through with that if she’s in the hospital, and a long stay at this point isn’t optimal.