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Yeah! Husband agreed to take meds!

So, yesterday was my 1st post and I wrote about how my husband was refusing meds, even tho his schizophrenia is getting worse by the day (he’s now getting violent and angry). I finally talked him into making his psych appt just to talk to the dr. AFter about 10 mins, he actually asked the dr what she recommended. Wow. After telling me under NO circumstance was he going to take any meds. He was on Seroquel already and it wasnt working (at this point it was only helping him sleep). The psych jumped on it and quickly recommended Depakote 250mg 2x a day for 4 days then 3x a day. We both asked some ?'s about it and then they talked a little and I spoke my concerns about his illness and I also brought up my research on the vitamins stuff to use in conjunction with meds. She agreed with at least 1, an amino acid called N-Acetyl cysteine. While it’s over the counter, u can’t just get it at any store. She faxed something to a compounding pharmacy and they will give us a call to ask some ?'s and get it ready for us. Unsure the price, as since it’s not an RX, his insurance won’t pay for it. I’m guessing it’s probly $$. She said they’ve noticed a boost in anti psycotics with this specific vitamin. Also some Omega 3’s aren’t a waste of time. They hafta to be HUGE doses and good quality. If they taste fishy, toss them. U hafta to take at least 3,000 mg a day. GOing to do some research on those today also. Anything that will make even a little difference will be a great thing.

Anyway, I just wanted to let those who read and commented on my post that hubs said he did it for me. I dont care who he did it for as long as he did it. I just hope it helps, as I don’t think he’s going to try different meds to see which one works the best. I think if it doesn’t work, he’s going to give up and say “see, meds don’t work for me”. In fact, I know thats what he’ll do. I’m glad to have found this website. Reading others stories that are similar to mine makes me feel less alone.

I’ll letcha all know what happens!



Depakote is an interesting choice. Did she explain why she chose it?

My wife eats it, guess it helps, who knows

She said that it should help his “irritation” that he feels with his voices. She said it helps with irritation. After much research, I’m finding that it’s not 1 of the meds usually used with schizo and now I’m worried. I KNOW for a fact (after what I went thru with getting him to try this med) that if this 1 doesn’t work, he won’t try another. He’ll use this as an out and say “see, I told u meds won’t work. I’m not sick. This is all real and taking a pill won’t fix real” We have this 1 chance. Prayers please…

Now u have me worried

Depakote has always helped my son. It is a good mood stabilizer for him. But its dosage has to be in therapeutic range which may be different for different people. UFor my son the usual range is 1000 to 1500mg. Most people have to take a combo of meds depending on the severity of symptoms. It is a long journey!
Good luck to you!

It can help with mood disorders and could well help with his irritation, but is not an antipsychotic. Is your husband diagnosed with schizophrenia?

Even if Depakote is to help with mood, that could be helpful to getting him on an anti-psychotic med if he needs it. Also, read the book “I am Not Sick; I Don’t Need Help “ by Dr. Xavier Amadir, for strategy to help a loved one become medication or treatment compliant.

I agree, I don’t mean to be negative, sometimes it is just one step at a time.

Oh, I agree @Vallpen, that it seems the doctor would have prescribed an A/P med! But we don’t know the whole story so perhaps this will be a start in the right direction.

Yes. Dx’d when he was 25 and had symptoms under control until a year or so ago and now re diagnosed. I don’t know enuf about anti psychotics to know why she ordered this med over another. It has helped with his outbursts of yelling and violence but now he’s got a new symptom. Read new post from today (1/5/2020)


Severe bipolar and depression also can be associated with psychosis.

I know an individual with severe bipolar who would experience psychotic symptoms (hallucinations, delusions) whenever she was inadvertently switched from the name brand (Depakote) to the generic (Depakote is actually an epilepsy medication used off label as a mood stabilizer and apparently these epilepsy medications only function appropriately within a very narrow range, so switching between brands can have a big impact on their effectiveness).

So psychosis is quite complicated, with multiple neurotransmitters implicated. The medications called “antipsychotics” work on dopamine, but serotonin and glutamate are believed to be involved as well.

Antidepressants frequently target serotonin and Depakote is believed to impact GABA (chemically related to glutamate). The new antidepressant (lumateperone) that is being released this year targets dopamine, serotonin and glutamate.

So given that Marfar77’s husband was experiencing a lot of irritability and volatility in addition to the frankly psychotic symptoms, I think Depakote could potentially help.

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