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You Tube Video to help understand schizophrenia?

Is there a brief video anyone would recommend, to help their family member understand this illness? Anything about reality testing?

Thanks so much.

Well I don’t know of any video. However, with reality testing, I imagine you mean how to tell hallucinations and delusions from reality. You have to use the evidence of what’s around you and weigh them on a balance of probabilities. An example I personally do is, if I believe others are talking about me or constantly looking at me, I would actually look at the people around me to see what they are doing. Chances are, they are not looking at me or talking about me at all. You have to be able to calculate what’s the chance of people talking about me or looking at me constantly.

Thanks, Lirik! You gave some great examples of how reality testing works. I appreciate your response.

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if you use the search button (the magnifying glass at the top right), and just enter the word video you should come up with several posted videos, including some from the administrator of this site. I haven’t looked at any recently, but did in the past, so I hope the links are still good.

Thanks, oldladyblue. I will check into these once our crisis settles down. Appreciate your suggestion. :blush:

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Hi, I’ve got a YouTube channel where I give advice about recovery.

Thanks for sharing your video. I have some extra time off work at the end of this week, and will check into it then.

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I found this video interesting. The young people who tell their stories are pretty high-functioning and have more insight than my son has. It was helpful to hear things from individuals who deal with psychosis rather than doctors:


Perhaps this:

All her videos are so well done - I like them all - she is very high functioning - I appreciate her insights and sharing her experiences