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Zyprexa quit working - - thoughts? Son is newly diagnosed

y son who is 19 was just diagnosed in February. He had his first episode of psychosis. So initially zyprexa eliminated all voices in hospital then he came home and was good for about a week but a few voices came back. Then it was a few voices but only voices that said positive, nice things. Then it became more mean voices, and most recently sleep is worse with lots of negative voices all day long. He is on a high dose 40 mg a day so we cannot increase. Thoughts? Our story from first hospitalization to second hospitalization is below.
When all of this went down for my son I noticed a lot of anger in t he prior months and then finally he started saying bizarre things. The straw that broke the camel’s back so to speak was when he said he had been attacked by 20,000 demonic bees and also was trying to get his younger sister back who had been “teleported” elsewhere (she was only gone at work). My son was very agitated that day and I did not want him driving. I took his keys away and he got upset and fled down the block in our neighborhood onto a walking path. I called my son’s on call psychiatrist who indicated to call 911 and get an ambulance. We explained the situation to 911 and they dispatched two police officers who went looking for him. He eventually was found by the police. They interviewed him. He did not think he needed to go to the hospital but they and us convinced him. They drove him to the nearest hospital ER and we followed. He then went in voluntarily. The hospital social worker eventually came after several hours and interviewed him. She decided he needed to go inpatient to a mental health facility. She called around the state and found one in Loveland, CO that had a bed. It was called Clearview Behavioral Health. The nurses were very nice but I never once spoke to the doctor and he never explained what was going on to me and this was our first experience with someone who had his first episode. They had us communicate via the social worker. I had a medical power of attorney but they were reluctant to honor it and eventually they got my son to sign a release. They said they had stabilized him after about 14 days and sent him home on Latuda but within about a week he was back in full blown psychosis. I had heard good things about Denver Health downtown as it has a mental health wing in a regular hospital and it is a teaching and research hospital. This time my son was so upset with his psychosis that he wanted to go - - at his worst he though the house was contaminated with the ebola virus. Anyhow Denver Health was fabulous - - they ordered heavy metal poisoning testing since my son had done welding and this can also cause psychosis (alas in his case it was schizophrenia), and blood work as well as a MRI to rule out other diagnosis or causes. The other facility did none of this. After two weeks there they got him stabilized on Zyprexa. He came home and did very well for two months - worked a job- and then lately the Zyprexa is not working like it used to . The mean voices are coming back - - last night he said they told him to hang himself, that he was in hell, etc. Have an appt. on Friday with his psychiatrist as I think it is time for a med change.

Amy, glad you’re getting him on Friday. My son is not medicated, so I can’t offer much there, but he was on Zyprexa in the beginning and it was not a good fit for him. He was switched to Invega (oral) which was much better, but I couldn’t keep him on them. Many here have loved ones using the Invega Sustenna (1-month) and Invega Trinza (3-month) which seems to be working. I hope your pdoc has some answers for you. Keep us posted!

you pdoc is correct. it is time to change the Medicine. My son was on Zyprexa 40Mg for 2 months back in 2015 and he started feeling scared and used to hide his face whenever we drive somewhere. eventually he left the house and ended up in California with my Brother and he was hospitalized several time. at his last hospitalization in California in 2016, he was put on Paliperidone (6mg one pill daily ) and Lithium ( 450 mg twice a day) and get better within 2 months and was calling me and telling me that he wants to come back home and live with me and go back to college.
The issue is he was still with a poor insight when he came back home and eventually get off the but Paliperidone and Lithium and I was not able to convince him to stay on medicine.
Now, he is taking the Invega-Sustena Injection (Monthly) in California and it is helping : he is calm but still little delusional and he still has poor insight.

May be your son’s pdoc will try Paliperdone for your son and eventually Invega-Sustena monthly injection.

Keep up posted.

Good Luck

Hi I think that’s a good thing that you know abt the voices :+1:

My son has never told me abt them but I just guessed it ,I wish he did☹️

God help you along your journey praying for you

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