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$274,000 out of pocket for one year—with health insurance on board, then group home at $9,500/ month for how long? Plus this family has connections.

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I think this an extreme example. Valid to be sure but the kind of services they are procuring for their son are somewhat outside the scope of healthcare and more along the lines of occupational therapy, which is only covered in certain instances with health insurance.

That said, we have had over $30,000 billed to our health insurance Blue Cross Blue Shield in the last six months. Over $7,000 of that is our responsibility.


When my son became ill I called everywhere to find a residential treatment facility and learned that it would be about $20,000 for a 60 day stay. None of that would be covered by insurance because this was the very beginning before any treatment had started and insurance won’t agree to RTC untill all other options had been attempted and deemed unsuccessful. We ended up going another route but it was eye opening to say the least.


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Interestingly enough, Jeb once worked at a private facility for one of his jobs. His job was to live at the resort type facility with them and help them with meal prep, grocery shopping and trips. He was actually dispensing meds without any sort of certification. They had the teenage children of wealthy people and former NFL football players with severe brain damage from playing football.

Jeb was fired after about 2 weeks.