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5, 11 and 6 years spent in psychosis

The respective years of psychosis / total disability of myself, our middle brother and the oldest brother.

our oldest is now almost as bad as it gets. Alcohol and mental health together… in Stage 4 alcoholism with psychois for 6 years living with my Dad (we all did for long periods as adults with long term acute or residual illnes)

my prognosis at around 30 was really bad having spent 2 years out of 3 in florid psychosis - at least half of that in hospital

I don’t know how crazy alcoholics get.

is background bizarre beliefs and behaviours for 6 years with worsening periods of florid psychosis normal for alcoholism?

I have read it leads to psychosis in late stages but what her diagnosis would be I would really like to know

are periods of florid psychosis the norm with alcoholism as well as years spent with background delusional ideation?

I do have experience with an alcoholic schizo many years ago. I dont think the alcohol makes psychosis any better or worse, You simply have a drunk sloppy schizo just like any normal drunk sloppy person.