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Have you seen late onset (late 30’s now 40s or older) with multiple years of florid psychosis and alcoholism recover?

Sorry this is basic query
I’m sure that my mum thinks that people are much more likely to get help when they are so much younger

My husband was 32 at the time of diagnosis (last year) he was a binge drinker for years, but never text book alcoholic. He began to self medicate with alcohol shortly before his diagnosis.

He was doing really well, but have had a setback with the psychosis the last two weeks. He has however remained 100% sober since he sought help last year.


Thank you for your post
It’s worrying about his Recently started up again psychosis
But most have relapse and remission
I hope it’s brief

Good for him stopping drinking

My husband, who is not sz or bipolar but who suffered from alcoholism (binge drinking) has finally gotten sober. He is 59 and had been drinking (in the closet as a “functional” alcoholic) for decades. He got so much alcohol in his system that he told, and believed, many crazy stories (like he owns 3 rare cars that are in a dealership in Philadelphia, but since he doesn’t need the money he just leaves them there on display) that I finally realized he was delusional about some of his “memories”. People who didn’t know him well believed his stories.

I’d almost given up on him ever getting off the binges. It is possible to change at any age, IF a person really wants to.

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