The current situation*

**Alittle worried about C.
He keeps so much to himself.
Lately, he has been lashing out at everyone. When he does this, we stop talking to him. We ( my sis and I ) think he is actually feeling his symptoms and trying to figure out things for himself. He has been saying things to me about his illness like----someone tried to kill me last night–and then have me look at his neck. When I say there is nothing there, he tells me----I probably did it shaving.
Lots of things like this lately. I used to get very upset and start telling him he HAS to go to the doctor,etc…
Now Im just saying--sounds delusional, or maybe youre having auditory stuff going on----instead of overreacting.
Dont know if he is testing me, or if this is really happening to him. He has been off meds for 5 or 6 months now. My sister thinks maybe withdrawals from the meds-he just stopped them. Will have to do some research on how long Prolixin stays in the system. Were not taking his bad behavior-but financially we still help.
He has been so used to being forced to take his meds by everyone-including court-ordered-that Im thinking he is finally trying to sort things out for himself. Pretty sure there are no drugs involved. I want to keep the financial stuff going for him so he doesnt have to worry about where hes going to live, where his next meal is coming from etc,,,when you live on survival mode, you dont have time to deal with anything else-and he REALLY needs to deal with this.
Thinking also that he may be so hard-headed because hes been forced to do all kinds of things against his will. Im hoping he will decide to take a very small dose of something-to take the edge off.
Hope Im doing the right thing-though its really out of hands now. He will be 38 on the 24th of this month.
Some of these ideas are from everyone I talk with here, and I just want to say thank you-thank you. **

Also would like to add that the money he gets from us is supplemental-if he spends it all, hes out of luck until next week. No more abusive behavior--or hes alone.
Hope my instincts are right

Me too.---------------------

One more thing…SORRY!
When I suggested maybe he should see the doctor, he told me he didnt want anything to do with that. He said those meds messed him up. Well see what he comes up with!