A thread for parental inspirations or reminders of why we do what we do

One that I imagine parents could say is…

“I have to learn not to be the second half of the argument”

Yep, so very true!..

My children are the source of my strength, frustration, happiness, insanity, sanity, irritability. They are the definition of unconditional love.

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@BarbieBF… That one took me nearly two hours, to get my head round. The penny just dropped now…yeh, its a good one!

I don’t understand it.

My Mom wrote me this in a letter … It might seem corny for me to do this, but it really hit my heart and I’ve written it out and tacked it up on my wall.

From my Mom: :blush:

“When you were in the deeps of this, I didn’t mourn the son that could have been, I was too scared that you were ill. Now that you’re healing, I still don’t mourn who you could have been. I rejoice in who you’ve become.”

Have you heard the expression “I’ve got your back.” Most people will tell you this but when things are not working out as planned they usually don’t. It’s everyone for themselves. Parents usually have your back even when you don’t think that they do.

Opps, I miss understood the thread. I perfectly understand the quote.

I tell my kid sister something like this when I chaperone her dates.

“I’m not doing this to give you a hard time, I’m doing this to keep you from having a harder time.”

No, I had not heard it but my provider just explained it. It means friendship, loyalty, right?

I think it means theyre watching your back in case you fall.

This makes me feel better about what sometimes feels like a lack of progress.

Yes, that would be a good way to explain it. :smile:

I like this one too. :sunny:

Wishing everyone triumph over their troubles :hearts:

Good one.

Also, one I have to learn is “Encourage, not criticise”. I need to focus on the positive and stop being judgemntal.

It is very true… that our parents are our GOD

How my husband and I blow off steam!! Smile and enjoy, we know we are silly, but it sure is FUN!