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Abilify for schizophrenia

Is anyone here have a loved one on Abilify for sz?

The use of Abilify is very common. Honestly, it is not really useful to find out what a few other people experienced because each medication has known (published… side effects but any one individual may have a different experience with the same medication…effectiveness and side effects. It also depends on the dosage. General guidelines for any A/P drug: If it works for your loved one, great. If new to the drug, you have to give it time to work. It may take many months to reach full efficacy. (The pharmaceutical info provides efficacy and dosage information.) If you have questions or concerns, don’t hesitate to ask the doctor. Side effects may diminish after the body gets more used to the medication. Keep a diary of what you are seeing with your loved one, which may be helpful to give to the doctor at some point.

Here’s a site you may find useful:

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Thank you for your very snarky response. This board has been very unfriendly to me.

My son has been on Abilify for about 3 years now . He does not work or study and self isolates . It makes him tired and he paces a lot . He still has delusions and responds to stimuli . Having said that he has not been back in hospital . He had one break 3 years ago . I believe it helps his positive symptoms but does not eliminate them . He refuses to change meds. He does not believe he is sick and does not want to take any meds but thank Gd so far med compliant . I can’t change anything so it is what it is for now as heartbreaking as it is .

I think @Hopeforus have you a weal th of information . My mother in law takes a low dose of Abilif y a!one with her antidepressant s with no problems. My son in the other hand got horrible tardive disconezi a. He does better with Zyprexia, that makes him sleepy. My son is not med compliant. But, he eats pretty healthy and takes vitamins. Sarcosine seems to help with motivation.

There’s some excellent info there Hope. Thanks for sharing that!