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Anyone have success with abilify or maintena?

Risperdal giving nightmares? Need a depot shot

each persons success is going to be different with this illness.
If you have yours please share

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I think the main problem my son had with Abilify was restlessness. He couldn’t sit still. For that reason he only took it for a couple of months.

Olanzapine is about the worst, I think, for weight gain. Seroquel has problems too, but of the 3, Seroquel has been the only one he’s been willing to take long-term.

This article was recommended by someone in another thread:

Long‐term effectiveness of oral second‐generation antipsychotics in patients with schizophrenia and related disorders: a systematic review and meta‐analysis of direct head‐to‐head comparisons:

It gives a lot of data and information about head-to-head comparisons.

Every person reacts differently to medications what might work wonders for one person may be the worst medication for another person. Finding the best medication is trial and error. The other challenge is that medications do not work instantly it takes time to see which symptoms they help in each individual. Medications effectiveness is all about risk/benefit. What are side effects does an individual experience? Are they tolerable? Is it possible side effects will lessen with time?What are the benefits, which symptoms are improved? Has the medication been taken long enough to see benefits?

Now to directly answer your question based on my son’s experience. He is 26 years old and diagnosed with schizoaffective disorder at age 21. He has tried zyprexa, risperidone, seroquel, and he has been on both abilify maintaina and abilify. He responds best to abilify and his positive symptoms (delusions and hallucinations) are not present when he is consistently medicated. He was on abilify maintaina for a year (court ordered) as he had long history non-compliance. He stayed on it a few months after court order ended and then he chose to switch to pill as he felt the shots made him too tired for too many days even on decreased dose. He has been on abilify 15 mg by mouth for over a year willingly and doing very well no positive symptoms at all. He is working and has for 6 months which is the longest stretch since he became ill.

Remember response to medication is very individual wish you best of luck!


My son has tried Abilify and was still delusional then went onto Zyprexa which gave him severe headaches , then Seroquel which made him throw up and is now back on Abilify over a year .He started on 15mg then 20mg and currently taking 25mg, pacing ,stable , not working , reduce of positive symptoms and still has negative symptoms . There are days that i can see i have my normal son back and other days not too great but for the most part of it and our’ new normal’ its good and has kept him out of hospital . He stays at his apartment and looks after himself but needs to be reminded often to do things as he has a short term memory . I remind him to take down the garbage , clean , tell him what to cook . I sometimes cook for him and help him clean . He drives to the groceries and does a few errands for him self . He finally started an online course on how to open your own business and that is his goal . Apart from that he is still trying to sue his last doctor for injected him with poison 3 years ago lol , i guess i have to find some humour in it as sad as it really is .

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What injection was it?

My son had problems with Abilify, Risperdol and Seroquel. Seroquel gave him severe hallucinations of giant spiders, Risperdol had him growing excessive breast tissue and I swear I can’t remember the Abilify issues without pulling records out. Years ago, he broke out in whelps after Prozac but that was due to the dye used in the tablet. I do know that we had to put him on Artane because head injuries probably contributed to some of his issues and the other drug he’d been on shouldn’t be used if prior head injuries were involved. I question the pharmacists when I have any issues about the meds since most doctors spend <15 minutes with their patients and many pharmacists are more familiar with the drugs. I’d love to find a drug that worked for a long period of time without side affects…I can always dream… :wink:

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My son takes Abilify pills . He had an injection 'Abilify sustenna ’ only once and would never allow it again . It was forced on him and he was traumatised by it .

All my daughter’s successes with work and school have been while in Abilify. When she stops she gradually goes into psychosis and paranoia. For her Abilify works very well but of course when things are going well she thinks she doesn’t need it. In hospital she’s been put on other drugs but always ends up preferring this.