About my dad


my dad helped me so much in my recovery,

the things he said and done made me who i am so he knows me more than i do (even if i am schizophrenic) he knows what to say and when to say it, if he told me to do something i would try my best to do it, thats why he had all these little odd jobs for us to do because he knew i was capable of doing it, i think he was suprised about how far i came on the new med, i remember he was reading a book called ‘miracle drug’ or something i will have to look it out bc maybe he still has it.

do you know i am not going to treat him like he is gone, i am going to keep going as if he had not died as i think that is the best thing to do, i have accepted the fact that he is not physically here but he is always with us in spirit and i believe he will be keeping a watchful eye over us all right up until the day we will die so he is not really gone,

i am going to make him proud of me and take care of my mum and things as much as i can, i know he would be proud of me at the funeral, everybody has been saying i took it really well, i was strong, thing is i guess i knew it was coming it was just a matter of time as he was a very sick man, he never let it bother him tho, i think he was stronger, the strongest man i ever knew.


I think working hard, continuing to grow, working towards beating this, is one of the best ways you could honor your Dad.

He sounded like a very kind man who was very proud of you. I’m glad you had a Dad who was so good to you.

Keep up the hard work at getting stronger and more healthy.


He sounds like my dad in many ways.


I think that is a great way to handle this. When things are tough for me I still turn to my mom. I believe that she is watching over me.


You`re Dad is in everything you see around you and inside of you. You carry your Dad with you***