My dad was the best


I lost my dad recently and it is hard ;(

He was the best guy in world and now he’s not there

He was worried that I would not cope but I’m going to prove him wrong

He was the best and I love him so much

Rest in peace dad xxx


I’m sorry to hear that your father wasn’t there for you any more. This is sad. Hope you to be strong and make your father be proud of you.



The loss of a parent is one of the most stressful life events we will experience as humans. So sorry to hear of your loss, @daydreamer. I lost my dad unexpectedly when I was 19. We were very close growing up.


@daydreamer,my dad is also the closest person i ever been with,i am dependant on him in a good and bad way,i dont know what will happen if he happens to leave me,hope this day will not come


He worried because he cared for you. I’m sure he wanted the very best for you.


@daydreamer I am so sorry to hear that you just lost your Dad. I couldn’t imagine loosing a parent. I couldn’t imagine that sort of pain. I have confidence that you can make it.

My best thoughts are with you as you go through this tough time.


I’ve already lost mine even though he is still alive.

I can’t wait to hear that he is dead.

And oh i hope it’s in a bad bad way.


@daydreamer so sorry to hear of your loss. I lost my Dad many years ago and still miss him every day. This is a very hard time for you, will be thinking of you.


It is very tough @daydreamer - losing a parent. As my parents are aging, this is on my mind always.
I do hope you heal and it seems like you are determined to make it through. Stay strong and stay determined - you will pull through this I am sure


thanks guys,

i have been trying to stay strong but it is getting harder as i miss him more and more,


@daydreamer of course you miss him more and more, I totally understand having been through it myself. Take it one day, even one hour, at a time for the moment. You will get through this very tough time. I am thinking of you.


I’m so sorry for your loss @daydreamer. Just keep remembering him, and talk about him as much as you need to. We’re here for you. I, personally, dread the day when my parents die. I fear that I will become homeless, as I live with them, and get very little money–not enough to live in the real world. I have a lot of anxiety about that. The only loss that I can relate to is when my sister died when she was nine and I was seven. That changed my whole world. I still miss her, and wish she hadn’t died.


You have a lot of good memories of your dad @daydreamer. That’s great he was such a good man. I am very sorry for your loss. I lost my dad too, years ago. Lots of TLC to you.


Dear @daydreamer,

I am so sorry to hear that you lost your dad. I know you and he were good friends. I do hope you have your friend sweeps to help you through this. Also, we’re here too. I can only guess how much this must hurt, but I am hoping that the sorrow of this will pass you will still have all the fond memories to take it’s place.

I’m wishing the best for you.


sorry to hear that, i don’t do hugs that often, but here’s a hug from me.
take care


Sorry @daydreamer. Both my parents are gone but there will always be a spot in my heart and my life for them. Allow yourself the freedom to grief him so that you can hold on to all the good that you two shared. big hugs


it sucks that you lost your dad man. i dread the day when i’ll lose mine too.

my condolences


so sorry to hear this dreamer. grieving takes time so take all the time u need. u don’t have to b great to make ur dad proud. i’m sure he was proud just because ur his son. i’m sure he;s looking down on you. xxx


Sorry for your loss daydreamer.