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Acting on behalf of my brother to get medical help


My older brother who is schizophrenic has lost his medication. He needs help with speaking to his doctor. With hepa laws, how can I help him?


maybe go with him to his doc and see if you can get him some help


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His doctor can’t give you any information about your brother without your brothers consent. But his doctor can listen to you regarding your brother no matter what. If your brother gives his consent for you to speak on his behalf it’s even easier, I do so with my adult son all the time. Best of luck!


You and your brother might want to set up a durable power of attorney if he’s really struggling. You could then have access to everything he does. As to the lost medication, not much you personally can do. Maybe his family doc (if he has one) will refill it. Then there’s the whole insurance fiasco to cope with as far as getting the script paid for when filling it. Regarding him having trouble talking to his doctor, go with him to his appointment, and have him tell the doc explicitly who you are and the relationship and have him verbally tell the doctor to inform you of everything that’s happening during the visit. I believe verbal authorization in every separate instance is sufficient. You might have to babysit the staff, but if the doc is cool with it, during the visit you helping your brother communicating will go a long way. My wife is not listed as having full access to my records, but she has gone to visits and been in the room with me, and the docs have always been accommodating. I don’t think they have a choice.


Covers all this. HIPAA is a pain in the butt, but most psych physicians – if they have time (that’s the BIG problem) – are willing to hear what family members have to tell them.


My partner has convinced me to take her therapy appointments and psych evals. It’s a pain in the butt, however i was paranoid and i was over thinking the purpose of the appointments. I use to think my partner and my doctors were plotting against me trying to make me look incompetent.


it might also help for him to get injections instead of having to take pills. My son always forgot to take his, or lost them, or couldn`t remember taking them or not!
Injections are usually once a month and are time-released so they stay in the system for a few weeks.


My pharmacist will give me a few pills to tide me over sometimes. You could go to his pharmacist with his pill bottles.


I think he just needs to sign a release form for you and then the doctor can tell you anything that is checked on it. I have to sign new forms for like 5 different people and groups I authorized PACT to talk to such as social security about every 6 months or so.


I have limited legal guardianship of my adult son. I have full access to records have right to be involved in office visits hospitalizations etc. So far after his last hospitalization started Invega inj he has been doing really well. Only obtained for emergencies when he cannot make sound decisions. He hears voices constantly but the invega has allowed him to control and manage them