Advice on Helping Daughters - Please Help

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I have 4 kids. First one is daughter and 35 years old. Second is son who is 33 years old. Third is daughter and she is around 28 years old. And last one is 24 years old.

Of the four siblings, two daughters have been suffering from mental problem. At present they are under supervision of psychiatrist doctors.

The second daughter was topper in the school up to viii standard. All of a sudden she felt ill had sleepless nights. From then on she has been taking medicines.Now, she has been married for around 11 years though there has been many problems because of her illness. Now she alarmed us for going to doctor or medicine indicating her awareness of health problem though there are fluctuations.

The first one began to have mental problem some 4 years back. Now she is not accepting that she is suffering from mental illness. However, she has been administered. The problem is that she cannot tolerate whatever we suggest or say. Moreover she blames us and rigid to her stand and do whatever she wants without giving any thought. Sometimes she does help for others and after sometime she would blame the person. Do they have to take medicines of mental problem till the end of their life ?

Is there any alternative treatment for such patients? Is it related to genes? Will they be able to bring themselves up to the level of those who are not having such kind of problem.

The type of medicines they are taking are sizopin, qutopin etc.
What I want is to make them be able to live like other normal person. Please help me.

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Well, I’m not sure that is possible since they might not be like everyone else. I like to look at it as different. I love my son and have known he was different for a long time. I really try to find things that are good about him and I find the more I try to make him someone he isn’t the worse he feels. I’m trying to keep a relationship with someone who can’t communicate very well. But for the moment he appreciates that I am trying to put good things in his life and do all I can to not enable the things that hurt him.
As for the medicine, I’ve researched and could argue both idea but if they find the right medicine and stay off drugs they just might get better. Last year my son was on no medicine and his hallucinations caused him to strike at the air with full blows. He got a little close to the window and broke a huge 5 foot window. Since then, he has been on about 3-4 different medications, all of which he hates.
I just found this site and so far the material and support is wonderful. Take it a day at a time and try to take care of yourself in the process. You’ll be serving as a role model for your daughters in doing so. God bless.

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I recommend you watch these videos:

I Am Not Sick, I Don’t Need Help! - Dr. Xavier Amador - Pt. 1


I Am Not Sick, I Don’t Need Help! - Dr. Xavier Amador - Pt. 2

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Hi, I am not an expert so I couldn’t offer any advice. I will just share my situation and hopefully it helps you a little.

I have a daughter who is now experiencing an episode of psychosis. She was on Abilify and is now off meds for 8 months. Abilify works well for her and with Benzotrop, it reduces the side effects. I have encouraged my daughter to go off meds if she thinks she could manage it. However, recently we have a big argument with me threatening to kick her out of the house thinking she was being lazy and needed a bit of a push. I now realized that she has a relapse. My daughter now believes that my wife and I put medicine into her food and have overdosed her. My daughter no longer trust me. While our relationship is down there are moments I could sense she loves me very much just from the little things she do. I am hopeful that taking my daughter off medication would be the right choice. As long as she does not take actions that puts her at risk, e.g. getting herself locked in over a weekend in a dance studio, I will continue to let her go off meds. Things that worked for my daughter, e.g. letting her cook whatever she likes, giving her space and privacy so she feels more comfortable and safer at home, and accept that she will have outbursts because of hallucination. One of my aim is to help my daughter recognize a psychotic moment and suppress that. I have episodes as well, I have never been on medication and I think I am doing ok :wink: What works for me is confirmation of the voices I am hearing, e.g. turning around and recognize there is no one there, so the voices aren’t real.

It is going to be a long journey for me, my wife, my daughter, her brother and sister. I would like to thank the person who posted the videos. They are very helpful.

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Chong, thank you for sharing. I have read and researched enough that I could argue both sides of taking meds and not taking them. Our son was
Not on meds last summer and we just rolled with the daily outbursts. He was taking nutrients and said he felt pretty good, not suicidal. But he still had no motivation to do anything. He would disappear into the woods, take all his clothes off, but eventually would come home. He would sit outside in the sun and I couldn’t persuade him to get in the shade. I kept him hydrated but it did concern me. He became catatonic and eventually had to be admitted due to breaking a huge window by punching it. He was really not with us and wasn’t comfortable around family and friends. He lost all of his relationships. Then, when he had to go back on meds, it took longer for them to work. He is on a long acting shot now but his behavior is less than ideal and he is exhibiting signs of anger that we haven’t seen earlier. It is a journey and we probably should document more so we can understand our own children more and what works for them because as I’m sure you have heard before “everyone is different. That will be $180 today :grimacing:” God bless our families.