Advice on how to help a loved one maintain SSDI when they're houseless and won't get a mailing address

My mum has psychosis (cause undiagnosed) and is recently homeless and currently on SSDI, but refuses to get an apartment or use my house as a mailing address.

I’m worried about her benefits lapsing - have any of you had success with reaching out to the Social Security Office to help maintain a loved one’s SSDI case when they were unable to maintain it themselves?

Planning to call on Monday, but I’m hoping someone might have some tips on how to communicate with SSDI or what to do to get this figured out!

(I don’t need to manage her money, she does fine with that, I just want to ensure that she continues to get benefits if she doesn’t follow up whenever her case is next up for review!)

There’s an organization called SOAR that helps with this issue.

SSI/SSDI Outreach, Access and Recovery (SOAR)

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Can u convince her to put your address and phone as back up for mail.?
I had to get in as sons rep…and sent letters if condition and reason, and called…as he spends all on gambling within a few hours of getting…

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Thank you so much! I really appreciate this.

I appreciate that. Do you know if she could still collect the same SSDI benefits if she’s homeless? I did some research and the conclusion I reached was that her income wouldn’t be affected, but I’m not 1000% sure and that’s how sure I’d like to be! If so, I think I can just have her call them and tell them to mail anything important to my address.

Hi, I think SSDI doesn’t matter where you live. And can be on a debit card. The SSI, I know goes up, if they have to pay rent, so best to say she pays rent.

I wish and hope she tries to live somewhere. My mom was bipolar and alcoholic and got kicked out of apt. when she fell asleep with a cigarette and started a fire. In those days they just kicked you out. She lost all her belongings and our family photos. She was on streets for 2 years and went from Denny s to Dennys and would beg for coins to buy coffee, and get into a dennys with money at nights, then sleep in day under bush. She was rapped 8 times, and later didnt feel sorry for any homeless men.

Eventually she got lucky and ran into a lady who ran a half way house, who took her in, rent free, and helped her to start looking for job. She had to be off alcohol, and almost got kicked out several times. She was there 2 years, and got a job at a library, and got her own apt. eventually.

Does your mom have paranoia?

My ex’s mom had paranoid schitzophrenia and was homeless for awhile, then they got her an apt. and paid in advance, so she
would stay there.

Its hard to find these places that they can go to. It is very sad. I want to make one to help these people.

It is so sad; hearing your mom’s story is heart-wrenching. My mom is paranoid; technically not diagnosed SZ but does have psychosis (again, undiagnosed.) My intention is to eventually set her up a small home on my land once I purchase in 2-8 months, and until then she’s been staying in my parking lot in her car. I’ve asked her to purchase a van which we’ll help her outfit as a tiny home for now, as she has savings for it, and her sharing our bathroom etc. has been stressful.

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I see old campers fot sale like $2000.