Mom wrote a letter cancelling her ssdi

Hello everyone! Rough day today. My mom told me today that she wrote a letter canceling her SSDI today. I left a voicemail with her (ex) therapist asking if she can write a letter to social security describing her condition; I’m hoping to be able to be the liaison between her and social security so that this doesn’t happen again. My mom did agree to call them and say that she still does want benefits, so hopefully it will all be okay.

Any advice?

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Oh my. I’m sorry she did that. She should write another letter as soon as possible. I think the SSA responds better to letters than phone calls.

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I am pretty sure her SSDI will not be cancelled with a letter. I would assume she will have to fill out forms. Since she wants the benefits she will not fill the forms and benefits should continue.

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She goes back and forth on wanting benefits, but I spoke to social security and am currently waiting on a letter from her previous therapist so that I can apply to manage her account for her. I did get her to go speak with them, and the letter does NOT mean they’ll cancel her benefits. She didn’t fill out the forms, like you said, so I’m working on getting her to come with me to get her checks mailed to our house.

I just got her to live with my partner and I, so we’ll be more equipped now to hopefully get her medicated and make sure that her base needs are covered (healthy food, shelter.)

I’m hoping to have her involuntarily committed so that she can give medication another try; I also am looking into becoming her medical proxy! Fingers crossed.

Thanks for all the support, y’all!

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Literally mailed? Easier if you set up direct deposit (electronic).

Unfortunately, yes. She cancelled her bank account during this whole fiasco (I guess she thought, what’s the point of having a bank account if she’s not getting benefits anymore.) She’s now uncomfortable with opening a new one, so I thought the path of least resistance would be to just get them mailed here for now.