After Friday I won't be on much for the next two weeks


Friday we are leaving to drive and see my daughter for her graduation so I won’t have my computer :frowning: I do have my smartphone but I won’t be doing links and articles as I usually do.


Hope you enjoy the graduation,it’s once in a lifetime…


Sounds like a great trip for a happy occasion! Is this high school or college?


Congrats on your daughter’s graduation! I hope that you can still stay engaged with us via your smart phone. We need you here :slight_smile:

Safe travels and many blessings,



High school. She has had her own issues so it’s a pretty big deal that she made it. I think she is the first one to graduate on her father’s side of the family.


I will be doing my best. Already looked into the data plan and what it will cost if I go over lol Maximum overage of $50 so I should be good. May have to borrow my daughters tablet here and there :sunny:


Well, a big congrats to her! :thumbsup:


Huge congratulations and hope you have a stress free and safe journey.


Enjoy your vacation and time with your daughter. Sounds like it will be a fun trip!


Have a great trip am congrats to both of you!


have a wonderful time…enjoy your trip…congratulations to your daughter!! big event.


Congratulation to you and her, it is a very big accomplishment to be proud. Hope you have a very safe and enjoyable trip.


Have a safe trip and enjoy yourself. Congrats to your girl*


Congratulations to you and her Barbie.


i could be too late , but i hope that you have a nice time…congratulations to your daughter.
take care


Congrats and have a good trip - you shall be missed within those weeks :smiley:


Sorry to hear that. just want to say, everything you have said to me has been so comforting and helpful and wise. Have a good trip and see you back soon I hope.


We made it, barely. Our car basically lost its motor about 3/4 of the way so we had to rent a car and leave ours to get a new one. $3000. Son still not emotionally stable and hubby wasn’t taking his meds right so was very much a drive from hell. After 2 months no smoking we are smoking again :frowning:

But we made it and I watched my daughter graduate and she was beautiful last night for the grad dance.


Sorry about the smoking and the car engine. Glad you made it in time and safe, and got to be apart of your daughters shining moment.

I hope you get to have some relax time before the trip home.


sorry about the journey, but at least it had a happy ending
when the smoke settles…maybe give up the cigarrettes’, but at least they helped you get through that stressful time.
take care