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Sending out graduation invitations

Wow… almost there!

We bought the graduation invitation for my daughter… and are going to mail them out.

Keeping it pretty simple… just family and a few of her friends. A simple party at my in-laws’ lake house. So not to much stimulation for her.

Feeling a bunch of emotions… proud that she made it this far… with all the anxieties and the missed days from her hospital stay… what a roller coaster year for the emotions!

Also still feeling concern about what’s next… still no definite plans… we just know we need to plug her into something soon after she graduates. She knows it too. I really hope she does find an apprenticeship in clock fixing. This is something that she is really excited about.


Oh how exciting! Yes, you all should feel proud. I hope you find something to plug her into to fill her time after school. Keeping her busy and outgoing should help her, I would think.

As long as she can remain engaged with something, she should be okay!
Many kids her her age haven’t a real clue about what to do next anyway, problems or no problems.

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My daughter is getting ready for the senior trip. She is actually excited about it. The trip is to the Adirondacks near the Lake Placid area. They will be staying in a really nice cabin and do a lot of outdoor activities such hiking on a mountain, white water rafting, an amusement park. She will make sure to take all her meds.

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Congratulations! That’s great news!

My daughter left on the senior trip yesterday afternoon. This is the first time she will be away from home for an extended time since her diagnosis in February. She is keeping contact by text.

Last night after arriving to the lodge, she text expressing that she was feeling some anxiety, but we encouraged to try to relax… do some breathing exercises, pray, etc. Since we didn’t hear anymore, she might have been able to work through it.

I am concerned about this, but it will be good for her to get through it. It would be a great victory for her. But if needed, one of the chaperones would be willing to bring her home if she can’t handle it.

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My daughter came back from her senior trip Thursday night. She had a great time. The first night she was missing us. She remembered to take her meds. The only anxiety she felt really was concerning things like how to do tips at restaurants since she never had to do it before. After picking her up from the school there was an argument between her and my wife that caused a panic attack for my daughter but they were able to work it out.

But overall, this is a big victory for my daughter!

Now we are working on getting ready for the graduation party.

We still have to work on her to find something to keep herself busy after graduation… taking a class at community college or work… even spending time at a clubhouse…

That is so wonderful that she was able to go on the trip and had a great time. I’m glad they worked out their argument, parenting our kids is a tricky business.

You are all working in the right direction!

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