Please join me in enjoying the positive

My brother had a hiccup, but he’s picking himself up from it. He’s not just talking the talk, but walking the walk. HE made an appointment with his favorite therapist, HE asked for a meeting of the J-preservation team, and he’s trying to reassess and take it easy. He’s still working hard to try and gain lost ground. But seeing him call in his own appointment, ask for help, and listen to others more, gave me a lot of hope.

It’s been a rough week, and just due to some unavoidable stressors, I have a feeling this will not be our only hiccup this month. Finals, Dad’s birthday, our brother John getting out of hospital, more hours at work and our cousin’s wedding, oh and I’m going to go to my graduation after all, these are things we can’t avoid or stop from happening.

Last night he tried a new place with me. It was so busy and loud and crowded, and I knew it wouldn’t be a good situation. Instead of just getting rattled and going home, he decided to ask for the meal to go. We had a picnic and finally had a chance to sit down, talk, and just hang out and leave the SZ on a shelf for a while.

Instead of venting off what has been hard this week, I was hoping others would join me in enjoying what went right. What has been going well out there?

my daughter graduated from college, and my younger daughter is graduating from high school with a good GPA, although she’s been psychotic and runs away from me, I believe she is Sz Affective.

happy dance :clap:

Keep having faith. You guys are a great team. Glad to hear it is turning around.

I’m really glad you are going to your graduation. :relieved:

I just booked the hotel for seeing my daughter next month. Even hubby is starting to look forward to our trip. We have never had any type of vacation together so this will be nice.

My son is responding well to new medication (for him) - Latuda. I may have located a good therapeutic residential program for him - in this area. NOT just a place to house!

My husband and I have been able to take a breather from the stress and relax. He just finished building a new toy - a Monster Tractor! - and is very proud of it.

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I’m pulling for you guys to get your problems solved and to get along good with each other again. Like Barbie said, you’re a team. And like I said before, you’re both on the same side. “United we stand, divided we fall”. My sisters are nice (and strong, like you. AND James) and have helped me for 30 years but we don’t always see eye to eye on everything.Good luck.

Hi everyone!It’s funny you have this topic because I’ve been very thankful this week.Six days ago,my son had his monthly pdoc appt.I read most every post on here+had been thinking a lot about the meds.So many people have talked about different med issues.Undermedicated,overmedicated,the wrong meds.I kept feeling like we needed to lower his Seroquel as he was always tired.The pdoc wanted to lower Abilify at first.I objected because this dose has really helped his irritability/moodiness.We lowered Seroquel to 200mg.What a HUGE difference!My son has been more social,going outside a few times+pleasantly interacting with us.I don’t want him to be psychotic,but I also don’t want a zombie either!There will always be challenges everyday of some sort+we just have to keep trying.This past week has felt like such a blessing!I don’t think I would have been so aware of med issues if I didn’t read all the diagnosed postings.Thank you guys!!!

The company I’m working for is merging with another company who will eventually take over completely in a year when my boss (and current owner of the company) retires. Well today the new owner met with our crew to discuss some changes. No hour-long lunches anymore! But after work today my boss handed me two envelopes. He told me that one was my paycheck and the other was a retroactive check. I figured the retroactive check would be for $70.00 or $80.00. I just got home and opened the envelopes. The retroactive check is for $1400.00 !!! A godsend. First thing I will do with the money is pay of my credit card debt, which is about a $1000.00. I wasn’t really worried to much about that anyway. I have been paying that off steadily… I figure I would have it payed off in two 1/2 months but now I can pay it completely off and I can breath easier with my money situation. I won’t owe anybody a dime!!!

My life came back to me as soon as the seroquel was lowered. It still helps, but when I went from 120 mg to 50 mg mixed with 40 mg latuda, Bang… I woke up. My sis say’s I came out of hibernation. She says with in a month, I was changing quickly and getting better.

On that low of dose, I do still have my voices, I do still slip into delusions, I do still get some small hallucinations. But I’m also in therapy so I can learn how to cope with stress, symptoms, delusions.

Learning how to cope with emotions and relearn what this illness stripped away from me has made it possible to stay on a lower dose and get better.