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Aging mother who has schizophrenia

I have a mother who has schizophrenia. She was diagnosed before I was born. My father, bless him, stayed with her for all these years (35+). It actually worked fairly well as has only been institutionalized once when I was born. My dad is 69 and my mom is 67. My father was diagnosed rather late with MS and has been wheel chair bound (for the most part) for 10+ years. They managed fairly well until this summer when he went in for knee issues. After having knee surgery, he was sent to a nursing home. Shortly after I could not help my mom so we went to the hospital and she joined him at the nursing home. My dad then became septic and barely survived. And was just beginning to recover when they let us know that it was going to be out of pocket of the care of my mother (100 days of medicare had run out). We could try for medicaid but talking it through with some folks we decided that we would try to move her to assisted living and hopefully in time my dad would be able to join her. Things started to escalate last night when she told me that she didn’t like the assisted living and they were trying to poison her. I lost control. I have two small children and a full time job. This last six months have been torture. Between my dad and my mom, I just can’t take it. I told her it was her illness and she needed to talk to her therapist. So this morning she calls 911 instead of going to the nurses at the home (I guess because they are poisoning her). I have felt bad but I have not went up to see her in the ER. The stress is just too much. What do you think the hospital will do with her?

I had the fear that people were poisoning me. I understand that you are stressed. Maybe get her on SSDI? Though the place you want her might cost more than what they will pay.

The hospital will probably keep her for a couple of weeks. You can ask them to give her a monthly injection of her medicine to level her out.

I have Schizophrenia and my brother has MS, so you help me to understand what it might be like.