Fear of schizophrenia

As the only caregiver of my mother since 20 years, everytime that her symptoms reappear, regardless of their intensity, I feel like I’m living a horror movie and more than terrified. I don’t get along with this. Everytime I need to see a psychiatrist to control my stress. Even if I know she won’t hurt any body, I can’t help it. Is that the case for you too ?

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My husband continues to be afraid of my son’s symptoms. Since my son has no desire to be around his dad, that is how we handle it.

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You yourself are not afraid then ? Bravo !

I used to be, especially when his “muttering” would start sounding angry. He is older now, it doesn’t happen as often. Maybe, because he needs me to help him day to day now, he is more careful? The one time he became especially angry with me this year, I packed up and left. He has been more careful since that day.

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My mom after taking meds and the symptoms disappear doesn’t even remember she had hallucinations and delusions. Once I tried to explain the disease to her and she was surprised and I think she forgot about it right after

I used to worry about what would happen in the future. I think my worry went away when I decided I will deal with it as it come.


It sounds logical. I don’t know why I lose my mind in the situation!

Very much the same here.

I eat cookies to reduce the stress.

It helps. LOL!!!

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In this situation I can’t eat or sleep at all!

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There have been times in the past when both my husband and I have been seriously frightened by our son.

We built a garage apartment for him next to our house. There was a long period of time years ago when his psychosis was so severe that we would be woken up by him pounding on our windows and screaming at us.

We ended up barricading ourselves into our bedroom at night so we could feel safe enough to sleep.

Its all written up somewhere on this site, basically, we both turned into nervous wrecks.


guess it just human nature to think and plan ahead. in this case, it takes a bit of reminder to myself from time to time. i guess you have dealt with it well in the past. that’s a good indication how you will be able to deal with it in future.

Yes, dealt with that litterally 4 times

Same here same situation.

I can not sleep, eat, live my own life, take care of my own days. That is really scary. Hope one day we can learn how to ignore that scary feeling or we will get used on it (that is the worst part). I shake to death when I hear my son starting his episodes


So do I. This time when her symptoms came back because the dosage wasn’t enough, she simply laughed for no reason and there were no other symptoms, but that frightened me alot. It shouldn’t be like that! I think we are scared because we can’t accept the disease. Every time when the episodes start I struggle with the world and with God. This time I read the book “When panic attacks” and it helped alot.

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Same here, my Son laughes for no reason and make the whole house in panic with no others symptoms too. I am as today don’t want to accept this disease and make my life terrible. I am too struggle with myself and GOD, all people around left us alone with no support, they don’t want to suffer what I am suffering.


I haven’t felt afraid often, but absolutely emotionally disregulated. Shaky, sad, or just flat out shut down emotionally. I actually just made a post asking how folks deal with relatives who are angry with them; my mom often believes that I’m a part of what’s happening to her (a part of the CIA, been working for them since I was 15, etc etc) and gets very angry with me. Never aggressive, thankfully, but I could imagine her being aggressive when she’s really upset - not really her style, but when she’s so far off her center I do notice

It’s exhausting! I wish I had advice, but I’m trying to figure out this one, too. Having a parent angry at you is so challenging. Just know you’re not alone, and we got this! One day at a time!

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Laughing is the beginning of symptoms and then would come delusions and hallucinations. Personnally I didn’t calm down before the symptom goes away. My mom was hospitalized and the dosage was adjusted to 300mg of Quetiapin (versus 50 before the hospitalization which was not effective) and laughings disappeared gradually. Recently she continued laughing but it was less frequent. Then I talked to her and told her gently that it’s good to see her being happy but laughing for no reason is not a good thing and it worked! Hope this will help you. And yes, our loved ones have schizophrenia. know that it is not your or anybody’s fault.

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Me too, I’m emotionally flat. Thank you for sharing your experience. Hope she will restore soon <3

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When my son was having psychotic episodes I got a prescription for Xanax, which I took occasionally. Yes, it’s scary!


I am not afraid of my son but his symptoms scare me. Bizarre behavior and delusions are very unnerving to me.