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Has anyone else seen rapidly fluctuating delusions on their loved one?

Does anyone else see their family member going from slightly delusional (won’t take meds but almost passes for normal) to bizarre delusions (you murdered the family and trapped me in this body!) and back again in a matter of hours?

I can’t have a conversation to encourage meds because the illness is changing so fast.

Also concerned that if I call the medical crisis team during bizarre delusions, my family member will be convincingly sane by the time they arrive.

This sounds so familiar.
My wife has persecutory delusions and hallucinations with voices of the non bizarre type.
You are a part of conspiracy against me
They are hacking my phones , TV and mobile networks
I saw you talking to the girl who is conspiring against me
Why did you just call me a S**T ?
Jesus came in my dreams and told me you are upto something in my dreams

You just don’t know who is the person you are coming home to. One moment all is well and after 2 hours some freight train whacks you from nowhere and suddenly it is rainbow again.
At this time since her last episode we have not spoken for 5 months. She has blocked me off from everywhere.
She came clean during her evaluation.
Like I have said earlier this damned disease is such a Chameleon, She is very convincing to everyone else including docs that there is nothing wrong with her.
At this time she is highly functional and very well dressed. So obviously no one believes me including her parents who think Im some sort of a rapist harassing their princess.
The way our society is built, it is a difficult place to be especially if you are the male, and the MI female, considering the legal aspects.
Sometimes you have no option but to let them hit rock bottom and walk away…
Kobayashi Maru scenario at times no win situation.
Nonetheless I wish you all the best and keep the positivity and chin up.
God Bless !

When my adult daughter was delusional and not on meds she got a police investigation going against my husband, her step-father, for abuse. She could seem very convincing to the police, but there were times when she made little sense. She is very intelligent and went from “normal” sounding conversations about narcissism to talking of things not possible in the “real” world (like special beings who spoke to her only while they watched over our city). Police came to our home over 40 times in 2.5 years, often because she called them, thinking someone was abusing her. Yes, it is difficult for a man to have a delusional woman around accusing him of abuse. Eventually the detective told me the investigation was dropped because finally they saw her in her “bad” delusional state enough. In her good delusional state, it was hard for any stranger to tell she was MI.

She has been on a 30 day Haldol shot now for 8 months and the difference is amazing, compared to the prior un-medicated years.

In December last year, during a bad delusional event downtown, she was arrested, and the chain of resulting events led to a court order for meds, and then to her becoming med-compliant. If not for the police and the court system, she would probably still be delusional and med/doctor non-compliant as she STILL doesn’t know she is ill.

Every day 123456…

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Yep. Just posted about this…
It really does a number on you after awhile.