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An Australian Mental Health Worker Whose US Relative Couldn’t Get Help Asks Why Our System Is So Broken

6-26-19) I’m often asked about mental health treatment in other countries so I was delighted when I met Rebecca Shepski after I delivered a recent speech. She told me about services in Australia and how those compare to what happens here. The differences became brutally and tragically apparent to her when a relative experienced a psychotic break and his family couldn’t get him help. In this blog post, she describes what worked so well in Australia, discusses her own family’s experiences here in America, and asks why we are failing so many. Her’s is an important contribution.

I so wish they had this system here. It would do wonders. Instead we are constantly battling to get our loved ones helped and constantly getting pushed away. It’s like they are throw away people. I fought hard to get my grandson the treatment I felt he needed. We were lucky to finally get a good psychiatrist to work together with us. It took years but I am happy to say he is doing very well.