And he's in jail - Deep Breath


@Holly67 - Oh yes, I believe it is 30 or 35K a month. Windhorse is 30K a month. He went to Windhorse for a while for classes and work. I can’t afford the rehab places.I almost got him to have a helper but he refused to hangout with the guy. We’ll see how it goes while I am at home trying to work with him. I have meds that a doc gave me - if he starts taking them I will make him see the doc as he said he has to be supervised if he takes them.


Yes, pricey $$$. My brother-in-law (who is an MD yet still thinks this is something that my son is capable of controlling) has offered to pay for some type of treatment. His son suffered from opioid and alcohol abuse and went to rehab and has been super successful since, so I think that he believes that this is something we can send him away to and have fixed, however, if my sons father and I decide to head the guardianship route and have him committed, I may take my brother-in-law up on his offer. It sounds and looks like a nice place but I’ll have to do some digging.

Hope your son does better now that its just the two of you…


Yes, my husband went thru this, was evaluated and sent to a state mental institution for a few months. They kept him in the jail infirmary until he was evaluated which means he was not in general population. The best you can hope for, even though it sounds shitty, is that he refuses meds while in jail and continues to act up…they will definitely evaluate him and send him where he needs to go! Sometimes help comes but it’s not the way we want it! Enjoy the calm and know he is safe where he is at! Good luck to him and you!


Several years ago my son moved his mattress to the floor - I have no idea why - he has slept that way ever since.


@DianeR, I’m glad he’s safe and not allowed to drive.

Which medication did the doctor give you to give to him if he chooses to try it?

There are a couple APs that work really fast or some anti-anxiety medications that can take agitation down a couple notches or even help with sleep.


@Ginger - He’s home now, the messed up the communication of the evaluation. If he had ended up in the jail infirmary that would not have been good for him. I actually got a “thanks” out of him today and a few sentences on top of that. Thank you for your support.


@Hereandhere - I am very glad the judge said no driving. I’ve heard some bad endings of paranoid people driving. The doctor gave him/me Rexulti. I haven’t heard it mentioned in our forum.


@Holly67 I’ve heard of some successes with these places as well. I’ve also heard that sometimes all the therapy and activities are too much for them all at once. I was talking to (I can’t remember what you call these people - they help people with MIs do things - like go shopping, or for a walk or to the doctor) anyway he worked at one of these organizations and he said when they added a person like him to help this patient it all backfired as it was just not the right timing and they were back at the beginning. I think if your son is willing it could work. I think they say it can take 3 months to a year - but don’t quote me on that and I’m sure each patient is different. Couldn’t hurt to try. There is also one in Estes Park but that may be for drug/alcohol abuse - $1000 a day. They each get their own cabin.


I do not not mean to point fingers at you. you are probably trying your best. I apologize.
I went through rough times and make lots of contacts for almost 2 months to get my son off the streets.
but I also know that if my son have the option to appeal the Conservator -ship in future after he gets more reasonable and there is a possibility for future relapses.

Hope your son gets help soon and I will keep your in my prayers…


My son has been now in the hospital since late December and he is still there. he had 2 shots of Ability but they did not help him and he is still sick. He just get the Invega-sustena shot last week and he will get the boost shot in 6 days. Invega-sustena shot helped him in the past to get better, but he really never get to a point to be convinced that he sick and he needs to stay on meds…
I am hopig that the conservatorship will help since he will be in a locked facility after being disccharge from Hospital.
in 2016, it took about 2 and 1/2 months of treatment for my son to get better and after he was discharged, he did not want to follow up! he had a relapse and was hospitalized again in 2017 and get better after 2 months and as soon as he was discharged, he did not want to follow up and he has been always concerned about meds side effects…
I was not able to enforce him to continue even after I get the Guardianship.

the question is: After your son gets help and get better and more reasonable, will you be able to handle him and enforce medicine compliance !

did I answer your question?


Thanks for the prayers. And please pray that he stops being violent so that they will help him. thank u


well, is your son being violent because they want him to take medicine and he is refusing to take the medicine? he is probably have poor insight and does not comprehend what is going on with him.

my son has been cursing me on the phone and also cursing nurses and doctor. he is getting little better as of last week

I sure will keep him in my prayers.


He was home with me he takes his medicine and shot i just think it might not be the right meds for him.


My son was in jail for two months, awaiting a psychiatric evaluation by a court ordered psychiatrist. It was not too bad as they kept him away from other inmates and treated him with kindness. They put a tv outside his cell so he would have something to do. It’s not the best outcome but at least we knew he was safe and being fed.


What did he do to get in jail? Is he out now? How did he get the court ordered evalutation?


Welcome barbijhg,
You are not alone, so glad you posted. From my experience with my son, he was also treated very well by the sheriff’s department. It is a long process and can take months for a decision to be made about his compentency. Like you expressed, your son is safe and being cared for. It’s a long road to travel and you are not alone, you have a community of parents who have also been where you are.
The hardest thing for me was not having any contact with my son.
God be with you, anne
P.S. if you go to my site, at the beginning of my entries, you can read about my son’s accident and the assualt that followed. Take care


Where we live, the defense attorney, the prosecutor, or the judge can request a court-ordered mental health evaluation. Defense attorney is usually best choice to contact first.


Do they not let you have contact with them in jail? Is he out and how is he doing?

I think @Barbijhg son is out and stable and living on his own.


Hi Diane,
This was 18 years ago - He was homeless, living in his car (that we had leased for him and were afraid to take away for fear that he would freeze to death). He went to the small, local hospital and demanded that they give him food and shelter and when they told him that they didn’t provide those things, he became violent and punched holes in the walls and tipped over furniture. The police were called and he was arrested. At his arraignment the judge saw us sitting there with tears running down our faces and our son, disheveled and dirty and talking to himself - she asked him if he used drugs and he proceeded to give her a dissertation on the chemicals in Diet Pepsi - so she ordered him help pending a Psychiatric Evaluation. He did get the evaluation but it took two months for it to happen and in the meantime, I had done the footwork to get a guardianship over him. We went to court and again, had a kind and compassionate judge who saw the reality in front of him.


Yes, AnnieNorCal is correct. My son is stable at this point. He’s on a conditional discharge. He’s living independently and working at a good job. He is training under a machinist at this point, learning the trade. He has a college degree in Human Services but decided that he doesn’t want to work in that field. He likes this job. His boss is an old friend from high school days and has been infinitely kind and so good to him. I’m so grateful.