My son was arrested last night and taken to hospital

He had been admitted to hospital on Oct 3 but the grandmother talked them into releasing him on Oct 10. I didn’t find out until it was happening so by the time I got a hold of his nurse to tell them not to, he was already released.

Talked to him couple of times and they were hard conversations as he was so distracted I had to ask him everything 3-4 times to get him to answer. Apparently before his admission on Oct 3 the apartment him and his grandmother are living in together reeked of his BO and him masturbating.

Fast forward to last night. I guess he has been talking to voices and ‘playing fighting with his imaginary friends’ so sparring with his hallucinations. He punched his grandmother in the face and threatened to kill my daughter.

Sadly now his father is mad at him… It’s not my son’s fault. I had no idea he was that far into psychosis and I can’t believe that his grandmother let it happen and didn’t have him admitted. I feel bad but I can’t feel sorry for her.

I guess today I will be making some phone calls and seeing if I can’t get someone to step in out there and get guardianship of him until I can as he obviously can’t be left in the hands of his grandmother or a father that doesn’t understand.

I’m really sorry this has happened. I hope he does feel some relief soon. I really do not know what else to say.

hugs I’m glad you will be getting guardianship back!

Sorry to hear about this Barbie - Sending you some peaceful thoughts - Please hang in there

I shouldn’t maybe say this, but part of me wants to laugh at what he did. How many times did you beg, plead and warn, but they knew better? His grandmother was actually giving him drugs that would aggravate his symptoms. Seems like cosmic payback to me. Also, if I were you I would STILL hold off on guardianship etc. Any day now, your son will ASK for your help, and the rest if the family is going to BEG. I still say don’t move on the guardianship yet. His insight is coming steaming at him any day now. Wait for your moment.

@BarbieBF , I am so sorry that things got out of hand in such a short period of time that he went to live with his grandma. This shows how much care it needs to take care of an adult who has no insight and is very ill. I hope and pray you will take control of things so your son can understand the damage. Good luck to you. Keeping you all in my thoughts and prayers.

I’m so sorry for your poor son… and you as well. Hopefully this incident will get your son on the radar and professionals might be able to help. I hope that with some real help not his grandmothers help… he has a fighting chance of getting back out of his head.

The thing that makes me the so amazed at this is how they won’t even keep you in the loop… do they know how good he was doing when he was with you?

I hope that very soon you can get guardianship and get your son back soon.

I just talked to his dad and cleared the air a bit. I have been having trouble getting my mind around the fact that he even bought the plane ticket… He didn’t want to and didn’t/doesn’t agree with my son being there but family was pushing him into it and I guess would have found the money for it if he didn’t pay for it.

He isn’t mad at our son… mad at the situation.

It doesn’t look like they are charging my son and he is in solitary as he said he would rather die then be taken to the hospital so he is most likely under suicide watch. Sadly he did hit her on purpose and tried to stop her from calling for help. I’m guessing the voices were in control… Hopefully this will open her eyes to the fact that love alone cannot make him better.

I let his dad know what my plans are and he seems to be in support of them.

This is a sigh of relief… again… sorry it had to come to this… I’m sorry the nan got hurt…

But in a way… I hate to say it… I don’t want to sound mean… but

it does sound like the punch in the face was the blunt eye opener.

You ex-husband sounds like he feels stuck as well.

I’m glad this will get the ball rolling for all the parties involved. If your son hated the hospital… I’m sure he’s going to really hate suicide watch.

I really am sad your poor son had to get this bad this fast… I’m glad that at least the ball will most likely be rolling in your favor for now.

I’m wishing the best for all of you.

i wish you both well. he’s lucky to have a mum who cares so much. best to you both.

Well, that’s an advance on the previous position, isn’t it? Your ex is actually admitting you might be right. I am feeling sorry for your son. Of course this is terrible for him, but quite a lot of the people with sz in this community have said that they only gained insight after repeatedly getting into trouble. It seems the most painful way, but if the illness has given him anosognosia, he can only work out that something is wrong from his experiences. With a bit of luck the family front will get a bit more united now and he might start to be able to understand. Honestly, I am glad it wasn’t you he punched, because from all your postings before he left your house, it was clear he was slowly getting to this point. I think we were all worried for your safety.

Sounds like a difficult situation. Best of luck to you and your family during this challenging time.

hope things work out barbie, it may seem bad now but i think things will get better, praying for you and your family x tc

So sorry to hear of this. Hope you are able to get things sorted quickly. :frowning:


Sorry to hear this, I feel for all of you; I physically hurt a few people when I felt threatened, now my ind is somewhat more awake I feel guilt. Hope this is a wake up call to professionals and that he can get the treatment he needs, now his father supports you, with any luck you can get what needs to be done, done.

Good luck, sending thoughts,

Thinking of you , wish I had more supportive words to offer like you give to so many on this site but I’m sure that you have the strength and determination to turn things around for the better hang in there

Barbie-sending you hugs OOO
Is he still in the hospital? I hope they keep him until he is stable-may take a few weeks. One time I had to go to court to make sure the hospital kept him long enough.
I never took guardianship of C. I don`t know if it would have done any good anyway.
The hospital should assign a case manager and doctor for when he gets out of the hospital.
One day at a time…

Sorry to hear the bad news. It’s great you’ll have guardianship or someone close to be able to manage his case. I see you here a lot and no doubt you are well rounded about schizophrenia so he’ll most probably be within safe hands. Good luck and best wishes on the hard times.

He will change his mind pretty quick in solitary confinement. My son did. He couldn’t even speak a sentence after 5 days in there. He waived his commitment hearing to go to the hospital. Not sure about your law, but here I filed the commitment but was told it was faster than if the police filed it. Prayers are with you and your son, that was a tough time for me.

I am sorry this has happened, barbie. I hope your son will realize how important taking meds is for his health. Also I hope you get the guardianship of him this time. Obviously the grandmother is not the right one for your son.