Totally barricaded in the house and I am locked out


I came home again to a barricaded home. Fortunately I was able to get in my “secret” way but upon returning from a walk Mister smarty pants has barricaded that option in as well. Fortunately I had locked my purse and everything important in my car outside. I have told him if I can’t get in tomorrow I’m getting the police involved. Perhaps he’ll finally get some help. Several of my friends and here online think he is reacting to our move date next week. Certainly not dull, certainly not fun.


Awww, as if you yourself are not experiencing enough stress… Let us know if you got in without other involvement.

A part of me thinks you might find it easier to move if he was in the hospital at the time.


Yup - I had the cops come this am and they said they couldn’t go in and get him. So I am in the process of getting a civil emergency mental health eval. which I should have later today. Then they will come and break in and take him to the hospital. I don’t know what I would do if he wasn’t crazy and locked me out. It seems the cops would not have done anything to get me in.


Oh no! I hope for the best possible outcome to this difficult time.

I hope you and your son get through this alright.


Thanks - the cops should have just taken him this morning. We live in a very family centered neighborhood with kids around in the evening on bikes and stuff. This morning it would have been quiet. We’ll see how this all goes. I’m going to try not to watch. But yes this should get him medication.


If you are able to find someone to be with you during this time, it would be really good to have a support person for yourself. Esp if there is police involvement; make sure they know there are no weapons in the house and that your son needs medical treatment.

If the cops ask you to press charges, ask them how long you have to make that decision and tell them you will think about it and DON"T DO IT until you talk to an attorney or someone who knows what position that would put your son in legally and, far more importantly, what that would mean for his medical treatment. Where we live, it is counterproductive to press charges, but in some US states, it helps to press charges.


My sister has offered but I think I’m ok. I was ok when they came this morning. I just need to stay out of their way. I have other support as well and you guys too! Time to go sign the paperwork.


I’m glad there’s someone you can call and be close to :heart:


Good luck DianeR. I’m hoping for the best possible outcome for both you and your son.

I’ve been there, as have many on this forum. You’re not alone.

Once he’s gone, you may get a flood of emotion. I know I do in these situations. It’ll be ok.


Darn it. Just darn it. Keep in touch. Its never easy.


My son has been hauled away three times by the police. One time I was allowed to help him get his jeans on (he was handcuffed). Another time he was drunk and my memory is of his bawling at me in the back window of the cop car. It was very hard to watch but necessary in order for him to get help. Good advice about letting police know there are no weapons. Good luck, I hope it goes as smoothly as it can and remember to breathe.


I have been there too with my son, don t know how I was able to get thru it ,because at the time I had no real knowledge of sz and no support group. I didn’t know about this forum. My thoughts and prayers are with you and remember this IS the best thing for your sion.


I am not planning on watching. I hope they let him get dressed. I hope I get the order approved! I was overdue. Now I wait. It should be tonight or tomorrow morning. The attorney was pretty darn sure I will get it. Apparently, they can keep for months if needed.


Thank you! I am telling myself that AND reminding myself that I really have a stranger in the basement. Hopefully he has not done anything to harm himself.


Yes, he is a stranger, but once he gets treatment, you’ll start to see your son again. I’m looking forward to that for you.

Time (and treatment) will heal.

I hope your son can stay safe until they arrive.


Thank you - me too. Looks like it will be tomorrow. I can’t imagine they won’t grant it. A bit unsettling but the attorney seemed pretty sure. He said they’ve gotten them on a lot less information than I gave them.


Oh DianeR! Our thoughts are with you at this very difficult time.


I a. So sorry you are going through this today. I hope you get him out. Please take care and keep us posted.


@hope thank you - I’m pretty sure I’m getting the order as a deputy just called and said he had two emails that it was coming. I pray they keep him for more than 3 days. My poor cat is stuck inside with him. My cat hates to be inside. Thankfully it’s been rainy and he should have enough food and water.


Our prayers are with you and your son.