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And he's in jail - Deep Breath

Well, last night took a turn. Son was super noisy starting after midnight in his room. I knocked on his door asking him to stop. He kept telling me to leave him the f alone, stay out of his room. My BF decided to try to help - which exacerbated the situation. We called the cops. It ended up that he has a warrant for failing to appear in court for a minor traffic offense. The officer (his childhood friend) said so I’m going to have to take you to jail. My son agreed cheerfully. Went to the front door and bolted. Officer chased him and it took 6 cops to restrain him and off to jail he went. He has an arraignment today at 1:30. His father and I will be there stressing the mental health issue. I contacted the crisis team who contacted the mental health dept at the jail who won’t release him until he has been mentally evaluated. I am hopeful this happens today. His father thinks he may now get stuck there a while before they get around to evaluating him. Does anyone have experience with how long it takes them to get evaluated? I’m sure it varies from state to state and jail to jail. We knew something had to happen and now it has. It really couldn’t go on like it has been. I didn’t think it would be jail however.


Hi Diane,

I’m sorry this happened. Did he get extra charges for trying to evade arrest?

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Yup - I will find out in about an hour. I am thankful the officer knew him or it could have been worse.


Keep us posted. Good Luck!!

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I’m praying for you :heart:

MY son also went to jail yesterday, I had to call police because he attacked my fiance, we where thinking of pressing charges but the officers said my son had 3 warrents for the same thing so we didnt press charges, I really dont know what to do when he gets out of jail to let him come home or not hes attacked alot of family members, if i dont let him come home he will be in the street and i can see him out there what to do i dont know.


he may now get stuck there a while before they get around to evaluating him. Does anyone have experience with how long it takes them to get evaluated? I’m sure it varies from state to state and jail to jail.

In Texas jail, I think he will be evaluated right away and he will take him to State mental Hospital.
in California jail, they will evaluate him but will not force him into medicine unless they can see that he is a danger to himself or to others.


best to compile a list of all mental psychotic break episodes/relapses that your son went through in the past year and email or fax it to his mental health team ( Social worker) and to his public defender and to the district Attorney office so all are aware of his condition.
Contact NAMI in your area. they will help you in filling a form. in California the Form is "Form AB1424"
Good Luck and keeping your in my prayers.


what not help your son!
Compile a list of all mental psychotic break episodes/relapses that your son had experience since he was diagnosed. Contact NAMI in your area and ask for help.

Also, Contact the jail Administrator immediately and the court and find out who is the Public defender and judge on his case. Contact the Public Defender and DA office and provide the FORM that contains the list of all his psychotic breaks ( Ask NAMI for help).
I would also contact the Politician who is in charge of mental health care system in your county ans ask for Help. they will eventually listen to you and get your son the help before he is back on streets and homeless.

he deserve the chance to get better. he is not aware of what going on with him.
he may have a chance to get better and possibly get conserved by a public guardian office.

I have done all of these things for my Son in California and he is now conserved and in a hospital and off the streets.


Oh dont get me wrong i want to help my son i just dont know how i love him very much and been dealing with him since he was 15 and now he is 35.


@Bettyboop1961 Boy that is a tough one. I always say - any violence and your out - but I think it would be hard to walk that talk. My son was rough with my BF but in all honesty, he was just minding his own business and just being a little too loud. And I feel that my BF kinda cornered him.


Yes it is very tough and i dont know how or oh will want to help him.

And we’re home. Man that was not fun and I am just glad we are home. It’s just him and me now and I think that will help. I am hoping to get that Leap technique working. Baby steps! Phew.


what u mean leap sorry i dont understand.

The technique from Dr. Xavier Amador’s book to get them to try medication. Leap - Listen, empathize, agree and partner. My son won’t take meds - nothing’s wrong with him.


Hello Diane, sometimes a situation that we fear turns out to be the best thing that could happen for our loved ones. You mentioned there was an arraignment today, I hope it went well.
Please give us all an update when you find out about your son. Take care, thinking of you annie


DianeR, any chance there will be follow up and meds in his future as a result? My son pushed his dad when he was living inside with us - kind of like you describe, my husband had blocked Jeb’s exit from a room - I felt it wasn’t a clear case of assault.

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CAAR2016 You say they are helpping ur son but for how long until he says or seems better cause thats what they do with my son.

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@hope - They didn’t end up doing the eval. So he is home now. The judge was very lenient and he said NO driving as the court appt. he didn’t show up to was reckless driving 40 over the limit! He doesn’t go anywhere anyway and really shouldn’t be driving. I have meds for him to take if he wants. We’re now at the stage where it is just me and him in this 3000 sq foot house - he I believe is moving to the basement bedroom so he’ll be able to make more noise if he chooses. I now also believe there are whip-its in the mix. Not sure how current he’s done those but I did find some in his storage unit boxes. They make you hallucinate as well. When I left this morning he was resting on the floor in the basement bedroom - no bed no bedding (just like sleeping on the street- well not quite as bad) Anyway, I’m hoping to get him to start using his bed in the new room. Another baby step. The first one was smoking outside.


I know its really expensive but have you heard good or bad about the recovery center for severe mental illness in Boulder?

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