And he's in jail - Deep Breath


Glad you have something your son wants. I think we dropped the ball ourselves by not taking away more from our son back when his first psychiatrist suggested it. He told us to take everything away from him and cut him off of money to force the issue. We weren’t strong enough when we should have been.

I have not had the training, Dr Amador is going to be in Texas this year, I think its at a NAMI event.


I cut off the money when synthetic pot came in to play. We had to remove the car as the judge said no driving - and it was still in his father’s name, hence if my son harmed someone with the car, his father would take the fall as well. The last time my son drove off, all I could think of was that he shouldn’t be driving. (A co-workers aunt killed someone - paranoid sz - while driving when someone was “chasing her”). So we’re glad we did that. I could take his phone but that’s my only communication with him besides through his door. I am hoping to use cigarettes as a way to get him out of his room. The last pack I gave to him, this time he has to come and talk to us to get it. (That was a gssp tactic - using cigarettes).


GSSP - he had lots of great suggestions


@DianeR Use LEAP with your husband too.

Call the public defender’s office. Do not identify yourself. Ask which mental evaluations lawyers can order. Then find out what those entail.

There are so many different evaluations and if your son’s father does not understand or believe that, well, bring documentation or a number for him to call and ask questions.

The people from the health department came to our house a few times. Here, they are called designated examiners. Call them in your state and ask what they do. There is less than a zero % chance they will grab your son up if he is basically safe and not a danger to himself or others.


@Hereandhere Thank you for all this info! Good idea to use leap with son’s father as well. For the record - not my husband : ) (thankfully) I will call and ask which mental evaluations they can order.


I gave one pack of cigarettes one time to try to keep my family member near home instead of wandering for days. Months later he told the doctor in the ER that I had given him drugs. I was like, what drugs? Because he didn’t take medication and I don’t use drugs or give them out. He’s all angry, YOU KNOW. I don’t, please tell me. SHE GAVE ME DRUGS. After a bit it comes out that I bought him a pack of cigarettes at the local mini-mart (ten months prior). So, yeah, you might be right to make sure he asks for them!


Hi Diane,
He was in jail while he waited - that was 18 years ago. This last time, last winter, he was holed up in his apartment.