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Feeing positive

Well I have been a lurker here for a few years, just reading everybody’s stories made me feel better knowing I was not alone. My son(36) was diagnosed around 5 years ago and what a roller coaster ride it has been. First I think very highly of anyone that has their child/spouse live in them same household and take care of the. I myself as much as I love my son could not. It made me so sick at my stomach to hear him talk like that and gave me diarreha immediately. The medicine has been off more than on all these years but I think he has hit the all time low and has realized he has to take the meds. He punched someone in the face and was taken to jail in April of this year(currently still there on the medical floor). He was there for around 2 1/2 months and was taken to PA’s state hospital for a month and then back to prison. He will be released soon through a great program at the jail. He can only be released to them and will be taken to a group home(currently waiting for a opening) and from there if staying on track will be able to get his own apartment through them. We went for a few months where he didn’t contact me at all( before he was in jail and for a while after) but I have always known where he was and what was going on with him. I think he now sees how not taking the medicine can do to him. All he tells me everyday is he can’t wait to get out and get a real meal lol. They set his bail at 3000.00 which required 10% which he didn’t have which has changed his life(I just hope he remembers all this). I just wanted to say I am so thankful he has been there for so long and is getting him all the help he needs and this stint in jail has made him realize it, he knows now he has to be on social security to have a steady income. What is really sad is he is a electrician by trade but has come to realize as much as he loves it right now it is not a option.

Hello, Imarchewka.
You are definitely not alone and I’m glad you joined us. My son also was saved by the criminal justice system forced treatment. He was diagnosed at the age of 17 but he was having hallucinations at 12 yrs old (not sure how often I only know of one time for sure) which I did not realize until he was diagnosed. He did manage to finish his grade 12 while in a long term hospital program. He always wanted to be a computer programmer in high school and to this day will buy expensive computer tech books. I now joke with him that when he runs out of money at the end of the month he will have to eat his books. He has never been able to go to school or work because he did not understand that he was ill ( no insight) and stopped taking his meds for years.

From my understanding when someone develops psychosis after they complete their education and have work skills they have a much stronger recovery opportunity so even if your son does not continue with his life as it was then there is still hope he could live a life of contentment. which is after all a good life.

My son still has no memory of being in psychosis. It never happened in his eyes but not wanting to go back to the hospital was a motivator for taking meds. He still needs meds given to him daily to ensure he takes it but also has an Injection which is now every 3 weeks. He does not want me talking to his doctor because he does not think It is necessary and that I have too much of an influence on his doctors (lol) so that’s ok. He is under the care of a psychiatric team.