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Anxieties getting worse

What I remember from my son’s application for free meds after his transplant was that he checked the box that he wasn’t anyone’s dependent and they used his income figures.

He had graduated college at that point and he made sure that he was working enough each year to qualify for Medicare at whatever point his kidneys would fail. Medicare covers kidney transplants. (We didn’t understand at the time why he was struggling with simple jobs- we had no idea he had scz at that time) He would fail at one job and immediately get another.

This week was her first week back to school after starting the buspirone. It was still somewhat stressful for her finding out she has to start working in a research paper on an author… she stressed out about this weekend. But I think her anxiety would have been worse without the medication.

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My wife talked to some people at the hospital financial advocate department giving more detail on why it is not easy to pay our bills… and they said they would revisit our appeal for financial assistance and they decided to accept our appeal! Definitely an answer to prayer!


This is such good news!!!