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Some symptoms persist

The good thing with my daughter’s Haldol is that she no longer hears the voices…
But she does go through times of short-lived depression… The other night she was crying and saying how messed up life is. She said she was just venting and we don’t need to be concerned…
Venting to her sister and her fish…

Her beta fish seems to respond to her moods and swims up to look at her when she is upset… is it a therapy fish?

Maybe this is where sarcosine mighty be beneficial?

Still deals with social anxiety, but she does make the effort to go beyond her comfort zone in this regard at times…

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Have you gotten sarcosine yet?

I still haven’t ordered it yet… planning to, just haven’t gotten to it yet.

Oh okay
Sarcosine is amazing!

It will help with social anxiety as well

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Therapy fish :tropical_fish:Lol! Why not?

I would talk to your daughter’s doctor about her depression. It used to be that psychiatrists would not subscribe antidepressants to someone on APs. But that thinking has changed. Be persistent if the doc resists prescribing an antidepressant. That could make a big difference in her mood.

I don’t know about sacrosine. Others here can advise you about that.

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She has an appointment with the p-doc in April and I told her to mention the depression to him

Good! Keep an eye on her!

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I did find out the source of my daughter’s depression and anxiety… her best friend’s mother is not doing well and she is worried about this…and how her friend is dealing with this. Also feelings of paranoia about sounds around the house…

I was wrong about when the appointment with the psychiatrist… it is this Friday.

Today is my daughter’s first appointment with her outpatient psychiatrist. She is going to talk with him about her anxiety… and the fact that she seems somewhat “drugged” lately… may need adjustments in her dosages… after that she has her appointment with her outpatient therapist.

Hope it went well! It is a difficult tume of year (or so my son has found).

My daughter started on medication for anxiety… and it seems to be helping…’they suggested to take her meds earlier to help with the drowsy feeling she has been feeling lately.

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Buspirone Is the anxiety med she is taking.