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Life has been good lately :)

Which therapy does the community believe is best for loved ones diagnosed with schizophrenia?
By the way
We are doing amazing right now…
Just relaxing at 78mg!
Anybody have a loved one on a really low antipsychotic dose?


My daughter is already on a low dosage of haldol… but we are thinking it may need to go a little big lower, because she is experiencing a lack of energy right now.

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Do as you think fits best!
I wouldn’t hesitate since you know your daughter best windyhill63!
You don’t necessarily have to wait for doctors approval
You sometimes have to take initiative sometimes and put your foot down in certain matters.
You should try and see about sarcosine !
That one helps with low energy
Also a really good one is acetylcarnitine!
Which helps a lot!

Right now we are talking to my daughter about the sarcosine and other natural supplement but she doesn’t like to take a lot of pills… now if there was a gummy version of some of this stuff! I k ow that sarcosine is a powder that can be mixed with juice (apple juice is the only she likes)…just gotta convince her!

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If it’s any help, Sarcosine tastes pretty good! You can add it to any drink like sugar, or when my son did take it, he just put it in his mouth directly (I tried some, too). As to whether it helped him, I saw an uptick in his mood and motivation - he isn’t so sure. What happened with him is that he started taking Risperdal along with the supplements, and when the doc told him he could try without the AP, he unfortunately decided to give up the supplements, too. :expressionless:

Did the dystonia end for your loved one @TheSunshineMaras? If so, I am very glad. What handled it for her?