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Anxieties getting worse

So my daughter came to us last night saying that she thinks her anxieties are getting worse and worse… the haldol is quieting the voices, but anxieties and depression persists as I mentioned before. She is thinking she may need medication for this. But she doesn’t see the psychiatrist until mid April. She is wondering if there is anyway to get something before then… I am not sure if this would be possible short of another visit to the hospital… she wasn’t sure if she could do that if she is not any threat to herself or others… But I think that is the criteria for involuntary commitment… She might be able do voluntary. We are going to call her outpatient therapist for her opinion on what we should do.

Good idea to call her therapist.
There seem to be many different kinds of outpatient treatment facilities. Some of those might have the capability to prescribe and administer medication.
Good luck!

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Have you gotten the sarcosine yet?

Still on the to do list… but this might be the motivation for my daughter to try sarcosine… I am going to do some additional research.

I wonder if her usual primary doctor would prescribe something for anxiety in the short term? It is nearly April. Is that a possibility?

Do your thing windyhill…
You have to understand that sarcosine is highly effective in treating anxiety and depression…

We heard back from the outpatient therapist and she said there was no guarantee of this, but there is a good chance they will hire a new psychiatrist and if so, she will be able to see him sooner… otherwise the appointment on April 18 stands…

The therapist suggested meditation and yoga for the anxiety for now… or we might be able to get a short term med for anxiety from her primary doctor… the issue with this is scheduling an appointment since her doctor is in our hometown and she goes to a private school in a another town hour away… wife teaches there too.

As far as the sarcosine goes, I still have to convince my wife of its benefits… she is also hesitant to buy from a company she had never heard of (Brain Vitaminz). She is in charge of the finances …

My daughter did have another panic attack last night concerning school… panicking about studying for a test… convinced she was failing a couple of classes… afraid she might not graduate… etc… you know how those thoughts escalate… my wife looked up her grades online and she wasn’t failing…we told my daughter to take some deep breathes and after a shower she was calmer and was able to focus on her studying. Even if she doesn’t graduate this year,
It is not the end of the world… we know she is doing her best… under the circumstances of her illness…she has to deal with more than most high schoolers… we are proud of her no matter what.

Anxiety can be very hard on a person. I hope you can find a way to schedule time.

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If I have to leave work early to get her to an appointment, I will… My boss at least knows that my daughter is dealing with mental health issues without knowing the details…so I think he would be understanding.

Sorry to hear that.
I’m glad you and your wife had the resolve to help her look at her grades and see that she is doing just fine.

Anxiety is irrational, though. It’s often not about the things that the effected person says it’s about.
Glad you are pushing hard to get her appointment.

She deserves to have peace of mind and to have the mental and emotional resillience to keep working toward her goals!

Now adding to our own anxieties!
We found out that we do not qualify for financial assistance for the hospital… Our combined income was just above the cut off point. Unfortunately they go by the gross income. I believe that the pharmacy at the outpatient center that we are able to her meds at requires the prescription to come from one of their providers… They said we could write a letter of appeal stating it will be a hardship to pay our bills… The amount left after insurance for the inpatient visit is quite high…

I am sure what we will do if we are still unable to get the assistance after the appeal… the other hospital has outpatient mental health facilities, but we won’t be able to get the meds from their pharmacy. We were able to get financial assistance from the other hospital.

Medicine is a business. First time rejections are basically math and lower level admin with no authority to make decisions. Do the appeal and offer what you can afford. It is more difficult with a large medical center but you may get someone who thinks and is able to make financial decisions. Hope it works.

I wrote the letter of appeal and it will be sent out today. I did find out that the pharmacy in the outpatient clinic would take prescriptions from other providers since my health insurance uses Express Scripts as one of their options.

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I think we are due for an adjustment in my daughter’s meds… she has been somewhat lacking in energy… and it visible in her expressions…
We really haven’t been able to get in with the primary doctor any sooner than we would with the psychiatrist in a couple of weeks… so looks like we will have to wait until the appointment with the psychiatrist for something for her anxiety… her sister has been real good in noticing when she is feeling anxious and tries to help her work through it. Occasionally some paranoia sneaks in and she thinks her sister is being unkind to her and an argument starts up… but they have a way of working through it.

We heard back from the hospital and the appeal attempt was denied again. Again because they think we make too much money… They had told us before we applied that we would have a good chance for qualifying… this is why we went to the outpatient services with them. So it looks as if we will have to try to get into the outpatient psychiatry clinic at the other hospital that we do have financial assistance with… so I am feeling discouraged. We will have to pay for the inpatient as we are able to…

Forgive me for forgetting, how old is your daughter? Having a child with a brain disorder is expensive even with full assistance.

We made sure our adult son always filed a tax return and we do not claim him as a dependent. Any filings for help were done on his own earnings. I suppose someone would have to do the math to figure out which was the better choice. For my son’s case due to his other health issues, it was pretty clear.

She just turned 18 in January. She has never had a job… She graduates in June and we are trying to figure out what she will do after that…

A part time job in the future might save the day here.

We have always put our children down as a dependent… even my son who is in college and he does file his own taxes. But she can’t be a dependent if she were apply for assistance based her income?

You only are required to send in a copy of the last two paychecks to apply for the hospital financial assistance.