Any experience moving states to get the best care?

If my hubs comes around or doesn’t push divorce I’m deeply considering a temporary move back to Nj where he’s been inpatient before and I know I can get him a long term hospitalization.

Granted he’ll prob still want to leave me for such a betrayal but if he leaves me stabilized I could sleep at night.

Figured I could drive us up to Nj and rent a room for myself while he’s inpatient

Has anyone done something like this? Did it work out? Any advice appreciated. I feel like I must get him to stay in the marriage long enough to get him into the last place he had a good recovery. I’m so desperate Florida laws are not letting him get the help he needs too many loopholes he figured out already and Nj the place has his history he’s been there twice they know what to do you know?

Thoughts anything please thank you all so much


@LoyalJazzy Hello again, I think if you believe the place in NJ is better for your husband’s recover you should absolutely pursue that. While he is hospitalized -you should do whatever will best support your needs and your peace of mind while he is recovering…but I can’t stress enough how much you can’t really take all of the negative talk about divorce and hate or whatever seriously while he is still ill…serious life altering decisions like divorce would be better made when he has had a year of stability under his belt and can think clearly and rationally, I would venture to say that by that time he will have no recollection of what he said before or feel very differently about it…put him where he will get the best care and take good care of yourself while you support his ongoing recovery.


@LoyalJazzy. The move sounds promising. Absolutely take him where you believe he will get better care. Years ago I was told that McLean Hospital in MA is one of the best psychiatric hospital.


I want to do that so badly but I think he’s pushing for a group home this place doesn’t have his history they don’t understand he never said this until he became psychotic and he presents well in there so I might be losing him now

He’s excited to sivorce me I know he’s psychotic but I’m believing this it’s hurting so bad he is a decade younger than me and I guess he does have genuine feelings of having missed out so I’m at a loss I guess I’ll have to let go I know in my heart he’s not well but if the docs can’t see it when he speaks to them there’s nothing left for me to do