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Anyone know much about?

Legal matters…
Can i message you please?

@three - Can you give us a bit more specific about which legal matter you are needing help with? I’m not really that familiar with legal matters. I am sure others are.

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Restraining order breach specifically
In relation to
Cyber stalking
Mental health
Elder abuse

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Mixed up members. Made a mistake. Sorry.

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Your’re saying this why?
I have schizophrenia
2 unwell sisters
I’m welcome on both forums
One sister died after 12 years unremitting and progressively more severe schizophrenia
My living sister has severe undiagnosed difficulties

Reasoning is the unwell brother snòops
I know this forum and do have things i need help with
I cant go to the police it would not be anonymous
I have no where to go with this stuff apart from here and private meßaging?
Any other reasoning is that its holidays. No out of hours help from my team even etc etc
Have you tried yahoo answers?
No help

I don’t use Yahoo Answers. I use Google.

And I’m sorry. I got you mixed up with someone else who was asking the same thing.

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Sorry z
I did write the other
Im on both forums
Im easilly able to be a jerk

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You made me laugh, @three , I think we all can be jerks sometimes, but not everyone can admit it. Good for you.

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It is very easy to get a restraining order in my county. The county clerk’s office has staff to help get it filed, and the judge responds daily.

Do you need to get a restraining order?

it’s not an easy situation.

i know that my sister is nearly ready to seek help

Oh good, it is much better to be able to seek help on your own.

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