Anyone weaning their loved one from Clozaril/Clozapine?

My son is 39 and was first diagnosed with SZ in 2009. Before then, it had been a multitude of diagnoses from the age of nine. We are in the process of weaning him off of Clozaril and plan on putting him on Geodon. I know each medication has its side-affects but with him being a heavy smoker, the monthly lab draws that were being done were all over the place. Smoking, from what I read, can spike the white cell count so nothing is accurate. He is 6’8" and has lost a lot of weight. His sleep patterns are like…24 - 48 hours awake and then 6 - 12 hours of sleep. Therefore, the meds are taken at inconsistent times during his days. He is non-compliant and now going into a non-verbal stage where I have to repeat what I say three or four times before I can get a response from him. He will laugh to himself for hours on end - I mean hysterical laughter. Has anyone else seen this reaction with Clozaril? I heard it was supposed to make things sooooo much better but that was a short-lived crock of crud. Oh well, his violence is almost non-existent now but I miss the kid (he’ll always be my kid) who loved to fish and take his dog for a ride. Those days are long gone. Let me know if any of you had issues with Clozaril. Thanks and take care of each other!

My son was the same on Clozaril
Talking to himself constantly and laughing out loud…i had to repeat so many times until i get a response if im lucky!
He was non verbal too,and never expressed pain or anything at the end the vioces were telling him to stop taking the medicine so he can go to thd hospital again and see his friends there…
Clozapine can work well for a while but then it’ll stop working

Toota, my son was on Clozaril and had to come off but what do you have your son on now?

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Hi,he’s still on it because they think that nothing else is going to work?
How much was your son taking?
And what is he on now?
The way the change is done makes the difference, i guess!