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App to help family respond to loved one in psychosis

Can someone help me? I used to have an app that gave instructions to family and caregivers on what to do and not do when someone was in psychosis. Like don’t look them directly in the eye. Speak in a low calm voice. No sudden movements. Etc. I’ve lost the app and can’t remember the name of it. Can someone help me?

Do you have an Android or apple?

If Android, you can go to Google Play Store app, then click three line button on top left, then go to My Apps & Games, then Library tab. That will house all your apps you ever downloaded with your associated account.

I’m sure something similar exists for Apple

Once you find the name, please share it! I’m interested in the name.


Hi @Sheyelo, It’s really good to see you posting here. I hope all is as well as can be.

I don’t know the app.